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I need advice, trying to conceive!!

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I need advice! My last period was the 1st of March. It lasted 3 days, very light (which isn't normal for me), light cramping (mine are always horrible), and milky white discharge. I ended up having brown and pink discharge as well. I am now 7 days late for my period. Boyfriend and I have been trying to conceive for 10 months now, this is the first time I have ever had this before. Im now having back pain and a lot of white milky discharge. What could it be?

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Have you taken a test?

No, I usually get negatives which is quite heartbreaking so Im honestly afraid to take another test. I dont know what to do..

Take a test?

Better to buy a cheap test than waste your time wondering. Book an appointment with your gp if you have been trying to conceive for almost 12 months and take your partner. It takes a while to get fertility tests organised so maybe discussing with gp will give you some reassurance.

Im in the same boat... Going to get a cheap test from the shops today fingers crossed for you

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