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Rhinitis or sinusitis?

Yesterday I felt my nose was ever so slightly stuffy, like I needed to blow it but nothing really came out. Today it is much worse. My nasal passages feel like they do when you have a cold they feel swollen and sore and like there's not as much space for air to get through. I feel the need to blow my nose more but still not much comes out. It is also giving me a pressure headache at the top of my nose between my eyebrows and behind my eyes feel a bit sore too.

Do you think this sounds like rhinitis or sinusitis and either way is there anything I can do to relieve it - I'm 8+4

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I’d see gp, there are safe antibiotics if it is sinusitis. I’ve had pregnancy rhinitis for months (33 weeks now) and it’s just started clearing up but it’s SO annoying so I feel your pain.

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Something is wrong with the air pressure. Yesterday’ & today I have awful sinus pain :( kind of like migraine symptoms- excruciating pain in sinuses - so sensetive to light/sound and threw up few times yetday and I’ve time today (I have not ate anything since yesterday - then this afternoon I cooked for my baby and tried if his food is ready and had a glass of water) then threw up poor milk and leaf of spinach 🤨)

Hope the weather will change so I can feel better.

When I was pregnant and had sinus problems the ladies in Boots only advised to have that salt water nasal rinse (which did nothing to me)

Good luck!x


Sounds like you had a migraine Chris


I have had lots of migraines in the past but since I got my baby 9 months ago they are always starting in my sinuses - and are lighter than before...

and nothing helps :(

Thank god today I am feeling much better 😊 and I hope That ‘Waitingfirmirracle’ is feeling better too! x


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