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can anyone recommend a multi vitamin (for me) that doesn't contain vitamin A? My 1 year old only breastfeeds at night now so don't feel the need to take expensive breastfeeding support tablets, he also gets his multi vitamin drops and has 3 good meals a day. Also, do I need to give him cows milk if he still has mine?

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All pregnancy multi vitamins don't contain vitamin a. But if you go to any chemist it will say on the container what it contains.

And no he doesn't need cows milk per se. I'd make sure he has other things like yogurt and cheese to supplement his calcium intake.

Why don't you want to take vitamin A if you are not pregnant?

I presumed it wasn't recommended during breastfeeding as it isn't when pregnant...

Too much synthetic vitamin A in pregnancy is linked to birth defects. Your baby is already born and ok. You can take vitamin A now x

wonder why it's not in breastfeeding support vitamins then...? Think I'm just going to take vitamin D as that seems to be the important one.

I use these from Superdrug. They are the same as Pregnacare but so much cheaper

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