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I had endoscopy scans and was told I have a SMALL CYTOCELE (bladder sinking into vagina) and was told it's normal after a vaginal birth! I'm absolutely terrified of the future as I've read it can get worse requiring surgery and not to lift heavy weights.

I was a gym goer so I wonder if I can't EVER lift weights?

Does anybody else have a cytocele? How bad is it? Did anybody have medical treatment for it?

I really wish I had a C section. Vaginal birth has completely F****d up by body :(

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I've got a small rectocele following birth. Was advised that regular pelvic floor exercises should resolve it as just due to muscle being a bit week from being stretched. I can feel it has improved since religiously doing these daily! Go can refer you to physio if you need extra info/support with these xx

anna0908 in reply to anna0908

That should say gp can refer!!

Georgina_D in reply to anna0908

Thanks. I'm already doing Kegels and seeing pelvic physio for incontinence and tightness after 3rd degree tear and episiotomy :(

I'm glad you're getting better. Gives me a bit of hope. How long did it take for you to feel a difference? Xx

anna0908 in reply to Georgina_D

I'm 3 1/2 months since birth and really noticed the difference this last 2-3weeks. I know you are a bit further along than that but I do feel the exercises will continue to improve mine so hopefully they will do the same for you. Sounds like you and your body have had a hell of a lot and may take a bit longer. Definitely talk to your physio as am sure they will know more about them than me and can hopefully give you some reassurance that as it is small, it is unlikely you will need surgery and will get back to normal. I did feel for a while it would never feel 'normal' down there again, but week by week mine continues to feel better. I didn't have 3rd degree but had episiotomy that extended in 2 directions. Hope you get some improvement soon xx

Georgina_D in reply to anna0908

How and when did you find out you have a cytocele? I only read the endoscopy report on screen. With my physio!

anna0908 in reply to Georgina_D

Mine Was a rectocele (bowel pushing into vaginal wall instead of bladder). Mine was quite low down, so felt a bit of a bulge at the vaginal opening. Asked my gp to check it at 6 week check. Means I can also notice improvement. Am thinking loads of women out there have them with out noticing and doesn't cause them any issues. Xx

They should be referring you for physio x

Pelvic physiotherapy confirmed I'm doing pelvic floor exercises correctly and pelvi v muscles have improved.

Still leaking poo :( and wanted to know how long I should refrain from heavy lifting (I only found out I had cytocele yesterday) x

Aw bless you hun, I’d perhaps give them a call and ask, it’s a lot to take in and I for one always think of questions I wish I’d asked. I’m sure they’d be happy to help x

no advice regarding your condition, but just wanted to say c sections are definitely not always the easy way out! I had a GA (cat 2 emergency section) didn't meet my baby till he was 4 hours old, had 3 catheters due to retention and paralytic bowel due to trauma followed by 2 weeks of passing water from my bum!! (as well as sepsis and anaemia!) 8 nights in hospital. Then my scar re-opened and has therefore healed wonky and is still numb a year later... Your condition sounds horrible, but don't beat yourself up about having a natural delivery! I wish I could have. X

Awww bless you. I had my reasons for wanting c section (family history pelvic organi prolapse, short perineum and ethnicity making me at higher risk of tearing. I'm small framed with nearly 8lb baby and was induced).

Omg your situation sounds awful too! I still believe planned c sections are safer than induction or emergency c section x

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