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Periods after miscarriage.

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Hi. I had a miscarriage back in February. I had the surgical procedure on the 13th of feb as I was bleeding for over a week. I was 9wks at the time. It's been 6 weeks and nothing has started. But about 8days ago when I went toilet and wiped I had this brown discharge with almost like stringy bits in and it was like that when my miscarriage first started. I was just wondering if anyone else had been through this and how long it was before there periods got back to normal. I'll be making a doctors appointment next week sometime as I don't want to be too hasty as I know as soon as I've booked it I'll start my period. Thanks x

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I bled for about 4 weeks during my miscarriage then stopped for 2 1/2 weeks then got my first period I think your body needs time to heal and regulate again.

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Hopefully it'll sort itself out, I also hate going to the doctors as I feel like I'm wasting there time as they'll probably just tell me what you've said. I'm not overly worried about it just curious of what other peoples experience were. X

It’s a horrible thing to experience hope your feeling ok.

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It was and it was my first ever pregnancy. I was awful the week after but I've managed to accept it and I feel alright now. I still have the odd day where I think about it and get a little teary. But I have to think I can always try again.

Mine was in Nov but I still have moments too

So my experience is slightly different as I had a missed miscarriage which I needed surgical management for. I was still testing positive 5 weeks after the op so went back for more scans which showed some tissue had been left behind, waited 3 more weeks for a period for the tissue to come out naturally but ended up having to go back for another op, this time hysteroscopically guided to make sure it was all out. Did you have a scan to make sure you had a complete miscarriage? Occasionally some tissue remains that tricks your body into thinking you’re still pregnant. If you’re worried it’s worth getting checked out!

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I chose the surgical route as I was in pain almost throughout my whole pregnancy so I just wanted it to be over. I'll do a pregnancy test and see what that says. But knowing me I'll do something about it and my periods will start it always happens like that.

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The hospital I went to gave me a pregnancy test to take away with me and advised to take the test after 3 weeks as a standard part of aftercare. . . So if you had surgical management I would definitely recommend take a test! After that it took 4 weeks to get back into a normal cycle again.

I'd do a pregnancy test hun. I had a miscarriage and I fell pregnant again without having a proper period.

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I'm hoping not as me and my partner are using protection since. But I'll take one just to rule it out. I'm probably just being impatient.

Seems like it's different for everyone - I had medical management for a missed miscarriage, the day before you on Feb 12th. I got my period (pretty bad) 32 days after, but did an ovulation test every day since with no positives yet (as at day 30 of my cycle) seems like it really messes up our previously predictable cycles, mine certainly seems to have got at least a week longer if this is anything to go by. Worth saying I did do a pregnancy test straight after the MMC and made sure it was negative to make sure my miscarriage was 'over'.

I was at 10 weeks when the baby stopped growing, found out at the 12 week scan, first pregnancy just like you and to say I still have teary days is an understatement. I really hope you are pregnant again so quick, and if not I hope both our teary days get fewer over time xx

I had a period 4 weeks after miscarriage was complete but some women take longer. X

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