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Seeing ‘AM I PREGNANT?’ more & more on here!!

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It’s impossible for any of us other members to answer this question for you. I understand it is an anxious time for people, however, the only way to confirm this is by taking a test or seeking medical advice.

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It's irritating isn't it. I can't get my head round why ppl would ask us 🤣

It really is annoying 😂

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Chels976 in reply to Lyndsaytw79

It’s not like any of us have a crystal ball to look into 😂

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Lyndsaytw79 in reply to Chels976

Exactly! I have to bite my tongue 😛

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Chels976 in reply to Lyndsaytw79

At times I think of what to put but don’t put anything... as it’s probably seen as sarcasm 🙈xx

Have you noticed all the pregnancy posts that come after this one 🤣🤣💗🤗😘

Seen about 6 of them 😂🙈xx


Your right lyndsaytw79, it is most definitely an anxious time for people trying. Which is why people come on this site for support, advice and just for a chat about it. Just scroll on if it’s annoying. Or better yet give advise on your experience.😌

I am more than happy to give advice/support, which I do, regularly, regardless of that, it is impossible to tell someone if they are pregnant or not!! In my experience, if I suspect I am pregnant I take a home test and there have been times where testing has been inconclusive and I have consulted my gp who has arranged for my beta hcg levels in my blood to be taken to clarify, one way or another. Which is exactly what my original post advises.

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jenna01 in reply to Lyndsaytw79

Yes I don’t think this post is aimed at people who are trying to conceive and are anxious, but the people who post saying they have a set of non descript symptoms and want to be diagnosed over the internet by non medical professionals because they don’t want to take a pregnancy test . . . All you can say is ‘take a pregnancy test’ and there are SO many posts that all ask the same thing - I see where you are coming from!

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Lyndsaytw79 in reply to jenna01

Exactly that Jenna

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roxannacar in reply to sjskittle

Actually sjskittle if people bothered to see the pinned posts it's specifically gives advice about the. Am I pregnant query, as to try and decrease the number of posts. It previously used to be moderated and those posts used to be removed however it no longer seems to happen

I just ignore them now. My sister got blocked from using this forum as she offended someone with her reply lol!

Omg really?!

Lol yes she told someone they were a thick $**t and to get a pregnancy test!

Find blame her that is the sencible thing to do and commonsence thing to do

This all started about 4 years ago, it drove members away & was infuriating. I was a member for months and then all of a sudden it started out of nowhere & got worse, some of the questions were down right ridiculous. The pinned post was a result of the forum moderators getting loads of complaints

Exactly, it’s just beyond me how they think we can answer that. What should we say ‘Yes, you are pregnant’ and get their hopes up! A lot of the time it’s obvious to see that people are symptom spotting anyway and putting absolutely everything down to a potential pregnancy symptom. Like I said I sympathise but also despair 😩

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