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Am I really pregnant?

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Good day. I just want to share my situation right now because I am really confused. I had my Ultrasound last Tuesday March2 22,2018 and I was shocked bevause the Doctor said I am pregnant and my baby is already 4cm long. I told him that I had my menstruation last February same day as my regular menstruation and he said it is normal.He even showed me the head of the baby and the heartbeat. Even my husband can not believe it as we are viewing it together the screen of the ultrasound. So at last the Doctor gave us the final result that I am pregnant and he recommend me to see an OB. I did not find any available OB on that day and Friday that is why I have na soonest possible appointment which is March 27,2018. Because of my excitement I went to the pharmacy and buy a pregnancy test and used it and made me shocked of the result. It was negative.I can not give any explanation to my self why the Doctor said I am pregnant and even showed us with my husband the picture of the baby including the heartbeat. I can not wait to know the result for my OB check up on Tuesday and I am praying for the positive result even it showed negative in my pregnancy test. I waited almost 6 years to have a baby and really hope for the positive result on Tuesday.Is there anyone of you guys relate to this situation?

Have a nice day!

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Why were you having an ultra sound?

Did the doctor say how many week you are?

If you were going off say your feb period I wouldn’t think they’d be able to see anything unless your further on than your think?

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Hello. Thank you for your message. I told my Doctor that I have something hard in my tummy that is why he immidiately checked it and found that it looks like a baby and he immidiately performed ultrasound and that is his findings. According to the result it says early pregnancy nothing more. Because of too much excitement I forgot to asked how many weeks it is I just only agreed when he said I will go to OB for further check up.

Just googled 4cm baby is about 10-11 weeks so maybe you are further on, good luck and update on how you get on :)

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bel84 in reply to gcw104

Yes had googled too and I cant really believe because I had my regular menstruation last February firstweek and first week of March. But anyway it was a blessing if despite those menstruations I had and a negative pregnancy test I am still pregnant.

Thank you very much gcw104.

You’ll know more at your next appointment and can ask more questions.

Get a notepad and write down all the questions that pop into your head that you want to ask. Fingers crossed for you xx

Some women continue to have a bleed that mimics their menstrual cycle for the entire 9 months of their pregnancy so i wouldnt put too much thought into the bleed you had in the month prior. Regardless of the negative HPT id say the fact you've already seen your baby with a beating heartbeat would be an incredibly positive sign that you are indeed pregnant. Congrats to you and your husband!!x

If you've seen the baby on a scan. I would ignore the hpt. The scan us pretty undeniable really hun especially if there was a heartbeat

Hi, congrats to you!! If it’s bugging you (because that would bug me) maybe mix your urine with water to test because if your that far along your hcg would be to high to show up on a hpt now. Congrats again!!

Hello there deary! How are you feeling layely? I hope that things are fine for you. I also wish you had a great day today. Also let's hope that your weekend will be just fine.

Your situation is a little weird... Like this isn't something that happens everyday. Maybe this only shows that you are special... Never heard of anything like this before.

Don't Panic or anything though... Just because this isn't ordinary and doesn't happen often doesn't mean that it is bad. Since the doctor said that this is normal... Let's hope for the best. So yeah, try not to worry... Stress won't bring anything good. God bless you dear.

I understand (i have had 2 spotting times. Or minic times now its not at all like my period but very scary,) those tests dont work for me since i have had fts, its very rare and left me with a higher then normal progesterone count, so the extra estrogen right now is kicking my butt, but i am almost 8 weeks pregnant, its very scary to spot dirring this time 😞

Hi guys. Sad news I am not really pregnant. My family Doctor had wrong findings that made me feel too disapointed. My OB found a very big tumor that is why she recommended me to ER. After other check ups and laboratories they immidiately perform Laparoscopy. I had 2 tumors below the ovaries left and right. One is already like a football and the other is 3-4cm big. I thank God because they are not cancerous. I am already at home for recovery.Thank you very much guys for your messages before.

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Get well soon my lovely sorry for the bad news and what you’ve had to go through too! So glad it’s not cancerous and they’ve been removed! All the best for future. Rest well xx

So sorry to hear this honey xxx

Hope your ok and get well soon x

I’m so sorry to hear this, what a confusing and scary time for you. I feel very disappointed that a dr could show you what he thought was a baby’s heartbeat!! Bless you! I’m really glad the tumours weren’t cancerous. Get lots of rest and take care xx

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