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2 years unprotected sex and still no baby! Please help me

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Someone help please! Me and my boyfriend have been together nearly 3 years we've always had unprotected sex since we've been together. For 2 years we have wanted a baby but nothing so far! I did a pregnancy test this time last year that said I was pregnant which was brilliant but I had a blood test and which told us I wasn't actually pregnant.

I'm asking please some help before I make up my mind weather to see the doctor?

Any tips or ways off getting pregnant? I have a app on my phone so I know when I'm ovulating. PLEASE HELP ME

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You should both get yourselves to the doctors who can then do blood tests etc to see if everything is as it should be.

Also you could buy some ovulation tests just to double check when you are ovulating x

Second the seeing the doctor. You can get some ovulation tests but I would that as well as seeing the doctor rather than instead.

They will start off by doing doing some basic blood tests and sperm test for your partner and take it from there

Hi xclo. I second the others advice to go see your GP. Explain you have been trying for over 2 years. They should do afew tests to check things. Don't be nervous about asking your GP as it's better to check. Other things that can possibly help in the meantime are reducing alcohol intake and stopping smoking for both partners, fertility supplements for men and women. But sometimes you need more help after trying all the tips. Try not to panic and stress and wish you all the best xx

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Thankyou so much xx

You and your partner should go to see the gp- they will send your partner first for a sperm test before they do any tests on you. Me and my partner were trying for 3 years before our bundle of joy arrived 23 weeks ago. My partner had low motility so he changed his diet and 12 months later we had a son. Try not to put too much pressure on having sex cos that can hamper ovulation. We used conceive plus bought off amazon it’s a lubricant and I got pregnant using this alongside a clear-blue fertility monitor

Good luck and don’t give up xx

Thankyou so much!xx

I had same issue . In My case It was a virus I contacted When I was a child ( because the values on blood test were very low - I was not passing it to others because of that as well ) and this virus is something you can pick up from cats poo - like playing in a sand pit for example. That’s what the doctor told me anyway . I had treatment for 6 weeks , and 2 weeks after , first intercourse I got pregnant. So in my case that was the issue. But it can be anything so go check , and it doesn’t always have to do with sperm count or your fertility . I also know a friend who was on the pill for about 11 years ( no break ) and she had to try for over 2 years after because apparently the hormones can stay in your body a lot longer than you might think ... have the tests your doctor suggest and you will track the issue down and find a solution. It’s a lot of pressure on your nerves and I doubt it will solve by itself if it didn’t happen so far ! So go for it ! See the doctor !! All the best ! Hugs

Thankyou for your stroty and thanks for the advice xx


I also have got the same problem but with me it is a year and a half now trying to get pregnant but still nothing and trust me I sometimes cry alone in my room because I really love a babby....so thanks guys for the replies

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