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Am I having a miscarriage

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Positive pregnancy test 4 days ago been bleeding for 3 days but test still positive can’t get a doctors appointment and the epau said I need to wait a week for them to see me. Do you think i could be having a miscarriage thanks

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If I was you I’d ring 111 and tell them what’s happening and your in pain etc and get an emergency appointment, it could be just implantation bleeding which is nothing to worry about but for piece of mind I’d get an emergency appointment nothing worse then worrying xxx

How many weeks pregnant would you be now? Epau won’t see you because they wouldn’t be able to see anything on the scan if it’s too early. Sadly it’s just a case of wait and see, agonising I know, but bleeding, particularly in early pregnancy is really common. Is the blood bright red or brown coloured?

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Hi! Could you please give more insights on the colour of the blood? Why is it important?

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Sure. If it is brown it is old blood which is not usually something to worry about, whereas if it is fresh red blood with clots then it ‘can’ be a sign of miscarriage. However at 20 weeks I had fresh red bleeding and after a few days was fine. Hope that helps?

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Thank you

So sorry to hear you're going through this hun. We've lost 2 angels. Our second we lost at 5 and a half weeks. I went to the GP and she said unfortunately as a heartbeat can't be detected until 6 weeks so we had to wait a week and do another test :( xx

I think you should call the early pregnancy unit and tell them about your bleeding. They can confirm it for you. Your hormones will be high to detect positive result whether you had a m/c or not so only way to know for definite is to contact hospital / doctors :) wish you well x

Hi went for a scan they have said they couldn’t see anything hcg is 40??

40 is positive but probably still too early to see anything on ultrasound... how far do you think you are (last period)?

I have to return to the epau on Tuesday one week after my first hcg to have them repeated I should be about 4 weeks now I think. I think I feel pregnant but then don’t know if I’m creating that thought in my own mind xx

4 weeks is still very early and even if you are having a successful pregnancy you normally don't get symptoms so early on (more like 6 weeks+). Unfortunately it's a waiting game but hopefully on Tuesday the level will have gone up!

I know it’s a scary time. Did they ask you to go back in 2 days for another blood test? As one blood test is not enough.

Hi quick update went back to the epau today to have my second bloods done to confirm my miscarriage, only to get the results and I’m still pregnant my levels are normal and I am having a scan next Tuesday to check all is well...... I can’t believe it I really though this was going to be a 3rd loss for me. Xx

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Congratulations hun glad everything has turned out for you xx

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Ahhh thank you. I just can’t wait for the scan to check everything’s where it should be xx

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