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1st scan

I'm not being offered 9-14week scan. Extremely concerned as researched this dating scan v.important. Midwife talking about 1st scan at 20+ weeks. Is this normal. She didn't even do a pregnancy test. Really worried as 1st pregnancy. Any advice what to do? I'm already at a guess 10 weeks gone but I know my body & think it's further. What's going on? Why aren't they doing a dating scan!?.

Cheers, Eriee

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That sounds quite strange. I didn’t have a test ever with my doctor or midwife as they take your word for it. No 12 week scan is strange not to be offered whatever number pregnancy this is. Have you asked her why you can’t have one? I would probably look into changing my midwife. I would’ve gone crazy without the first scan to look forward to x

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Do not accept what she’s saying! That’s absolutely daft! They need a date, you need a date. Tell her you’re not happy with that at all. If no joy then call chosen hospital and ask to speak to head of midwifery xx


To be honest if I was you I’d ring you local hospital pregnancy scanning department and explain your situation you always to get a 12week scan that’s when they check for nuchal translucency (NT) or even a scan prior to this they can date you at this one though something isn’t right you need to ring around and find out what’s what xxx


I agree with all the ladies above. I would either ask tell her you want a dating scan and a 12 week scan if she won’t I would switch midwifes and get the scans done they are very important she clearly has no clue how the scanning dates work if she thinks it starts at 20weeks that’s just nuts. Also congratulations on your pregnancy:) my baby is going to be 10months soon :😭

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You definitely need a dating scan as the sonographer will tell you when your baby is due and they can also check for Downs Syndrome. At 20 weeks it’s too late to check for this. Midwives can’t expect women to just guess when the baby is due. We are not psychic! The scan at 20 weeks is called an anomaly scan. It is the second one and goes into more detail. This is also the scan where they can tell you the sex of the baby. Demand a dating scan or change midwife.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy x


Maybe it’s a misunderstanding? You usually have a booking appointment (I think every area in the Uk refers to the different appointments differently..), ie around 8 weeks or so, when the midwife talks to you about your health, your potential risk factors, weight, etc etc. No scan is being done then.

The ‘12 week scan’ is any time from 11+6 - 13+6, at least in my last two areas where I lived. You can decline having the scan but you should definitely be offered one!! It’s the one they base their estimates due date on and check for risk factors for Down Syndrome etc.

Personally I wouldn’t go back to her but check with the hospital. They may well refer you back to her but maybe once you’ve spoken to them they can clarify and you can then go back to her and say “Hospital has confirmed I should have a scan...”.

Good luck!

Ps: if you’re not yet - start taking folic acid


The only reason I can assume this is happening is because you live in Northern Ireland? You can thank the anti abortion movement .

If you don’t then you need to talk to someone else - see your gp and ask what on earth is going on!


Well she does not seem that well educated in her field thats all I have to say. This is my first pregnancy and i could have told you there are at least to scans. Tbh if shes not listening then just get your own private early pregnancy scan done and just give her the assessment the sonographer gives you, job done. If the nhs arent doing it for you being concerned about it wont help will just put stress on you and the baby, there are many various scaning clinics in england; prices ranging from about £45-£85 ish, just have a google and see.

Best of luck


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