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Changing Midwife - how long does this usually take?

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Hey all, hope your all well

So basically, a month ago our landlord informed us she needed her flat back, a month today we move out so I’ll be changing Midwife.

We move out 13th April, 16th April I have an appointment to see if I’ll need a section or not (due to placenta praevira)

The issue is I’ll need to change GP which means changing Midwife, I’m wondering if a letter is sent out regarding this scan to my old Midwife but then I change GP how quickly will all the information be passed to the right person? I can’t change my GP until I have proof of address (I don’t think) so this may take a few days to get a letter in my name at my new address. Also, how long does it usually take to see a new Midwife when you change address? I’ll be 32 weeks at this point so think I’m just worried feeling like I’ll have no Midwife so close to my due date.

Thanks xxx

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Have you tried discussing these issues with you current midwife?

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I haven’t seen my Midwife, she’s currently on holiday, I have an appointment next week but it’s with someone who is covering for her. I will obviously ask them when I see them just wondered if anyone had any experience of changing Midwife and how long it all took

Are you moving areas entirely? Or will it be the same hospital? If it’s the same hospital then just attend the scan appointment as normal. I’m sure in the interim the hospital community midwife team will care for you.

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Thanks for the reply 🙂 it’ll be the same hospital, just a different GP surgery and my Midwife covers some areas but she doesn’t cover the area I’m moving to so I just assume it’ll be a new Midwife too. Think I’m just so anxious with it all being so close to due date 🙈 xxx

I changed midwife at 36 weeks, we moved to a different area about 40 mins away however my birth plan was to give birth in the same hospital as i had booked in rather than the hospital that was closer to my new house, so slightly complicated. However once i registered with the gp i got picked up by the new midwife within a few days. I'm guessing if you are placenta praevia you are consultant led care, will you still be attending the same hospital? Your notes from old gp get transferred within about 48hrs. If you have no proof of address try talking to the gp receptionist, im sure they will be reasonable and provide midwife contact details given how far along you are. If they are difficult dont bel afraid to stick up for yourself

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Thanks for your reply. I’ll still be at the same hospital, I’m moving to within the same area however my Midwife doesn’t cover the area I’m moving too. It’s good to know that it should only take 48 hours for notes to change over though 🙂

As I’m IVF pregnancy I’ve been consultant led from the start, I’ve never actually met the consultant though and have a feeling I probably never will now?! Lol

I’ve had a private scan today and my placenta is still covering birth canal entirely.

I’ll maybe pop down to my new GP surgery in the next week or so and just see what they say 🙂 xxx

I'm moving still within the district but I'll have to change drs, if I'm being honest with them, having said that I've technically lived out of area for nearly 5 years and kept my parents address for everything (we're moving from rented to owned which is why I am changing now). I have explained all of this to my Midwife and at no point did she say that I'd have to change. If you're not moving far there may not be anything to worry about. I'm within a 15 min drive from the address she officially has and I'm just as close to the hospital so it's not a big problem. I can only give you what I have experienced so far to hopefully reassure you that you may still be able to get his/her support, but I understand that you may experience otherwise.

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Amanda86 in reply to Kata89

Thanks for your reply 🙂

I’m moving within the same area but my Midwife doesn’t cover the area I’m moving too, which is a shame 🙁

I’ll discuss with them at my appointment next week and hopefully the move will be straight forward, think I’m just so anxious with it being so close to when I’ll be due and also knowing that if I need a section it’s giving me even less time to see them etc. Xxx

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Kata89 in reply to Amanda86

That's annoying. I'm hoping that the reality of moving won't make a difference as mine hasn't said anything. Having said that different areas seem to work differently. Hopefully it'll be smooth, fingers crossed for you.

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Amanda86 in reply to Kata89

Thank you. Hope all goes well for you too 🙂 xxx

I was told I could stay at the same doctors and therefore with the same midwife until I have the 6 week check up with the baby so that I didn't need to change to a different team during my pregnancy. I think it's because they know everything about your pregnancy and it would be more comfortable for you to stay with the same team, plus I'm still close enough to go to the same hospital I had planned to go to. I have the health visitor team from my new area though. Might be worth asking at the surgery what their policy is?

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Thanks very much. That would be great if I could do that. I’ve got an appointment on Thursday so I’ll ask then to see if that would be an option 🙂 xxx

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It's definitely worth an ask! I'm so glad I'm staying with the same team until afterwards. I hope they have the same policy for you xx

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