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when to use stretch mark cream?

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dear mom-to-be s, I am 13 weeks pregnant I kinda show but I feel like it's mostly bloating. it's my first pregnancy and people say stretch mark will show soon. I have not noticed any stretch mark yet, but should I start to use cream to take precautions or should I wait until I see some? what kind of cream is most useful? do they have any bad effect on the baby? please advise, thank you.xxx

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I religiously applied bio oil from the day I found out for my first pregnancy and still got them so I didn’t bother with my second and didn’t get any new ones! Everyone is different though! I didn’t get my stretch marks till about week 35. I would say start applying now but prepare yourself that you may get them regardless.

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thank you for the tip, xxx

I’d start straight away no harm in moisturising your skin.

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yeah, i should just do that, eh? xxx

I use Bentley Organic bump butter and stretch mark cream. It is natural, organic, no parabens or mineral oils and completely cruelty free to boot! I get it from here - mypure.co.uk/bump-butter-st...

It’s £12.99, however that is cheaper than a lot of natural cruelty free pregnancy creams.

Unfortunately nothing can actually stop you from getting stretch marks if you’re going to get them as it’s genetic, but regular moisturiser can improve the appearance and skin condition in the long run x

thank you, i will look for it online, xxx

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, i used both Bio oil and Palmer’s Cocoa butter (not at the same time but day about). Waiting until you see them is too late, in my opinion. They will fade over time using the products but are unlikely to disappear completely. I was lucky as I never got any stretch marks throughout my pregnancy. I did read that some people will get stretch marks regardless as it can be genetic. My skin did get very itchy as my stomach grew and both the Bio oil and Palmer’s Cocoa butter helped soothe it. Try and keep yourself well hydrated by drinking lots of water as well as moisturising each morning and evening. Both products won’t affect your baby. I have a healthy baby girl 😍

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lucky you. I will look for the Bio Oil and Palmer's COcoa butter, xxxx

They recommend you don't use any bump oil until the second trimester, it even says on the bio oil bottle. I've started using this stretch mark massage oil from Weleda which has a nicer smell than bio oil and is more moisturizing. Unfortunately I started getting stretch marks on my lower tummy from about 12 weeks, not sure the oil is going to help much but I enjoy by boyfriend rubbing it on my bump every evening!

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true, it must be enjoyable ;) thanks, xxx

I used Bio Oil. No stretch marks and is lovely as a moisturiser x

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i will look for bio oil, thanks, xxx

I got stretch marks with my first after i delivered!! I thought it was pretty unfair to make me believe I had avoided them 😂

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lol, still doesn't hurt to try, eh? thanks, xxx

Body shops body butter.. twice a day. I didn't get a single stretch marks :) and no I don't work for the body shop!

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