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Clear blue ovulation test

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Hi all

This is my first month using the clear blue ovulation test and our first month of trying to conceive. I usually have a 24/25 day cycle so expected to ovulate fairly early in my cycle. I did not see a flashing smiley until day 10. Stupidly I did not study the instructions enough to read that I should test everyday still from this point so missed the test on day 11. Tested again on day 12 and everyday since but I’m still seeing a flashing smiley. I’m now on day 16 and this mornings test was still flashing. Has anyone experienced this? Confused as to whether I have simply not ovulated yet (in which case I worry my luteal phase will be too short) or whether I have messed up my testing this month by missing day 11’s test. Trying to conceive is complicated!xxx

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There was a post on here similar had positives LH tests for at least a week I think, but she was pregnant. Try a pregnacy test just incase.

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Thank you for your response! Wondering whether I haven’t had my LH surge and that’s why. Hoping it is a sign pregnancy. Thanks

Did u do a pregnancy test?

I never get 2 lines on ovulation tests. Usually if you count back 14 days from your last period that’s suppose to be your ovulation day. I usually get like period pains during ovulation but no lines on tests so getting blood test done to see if I do ovulate.

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I haven’t tested yet as my period isn’t due for another week yet. I’m feeling quite crampy today but surely I can’t be ovulating this late! Let me know how you get on with your blood test, you just assume that if you get a period each month that you’re ovulating! I have read that sometimes your LH surge can happen too quickly for the test to detect so that might be why you aren’t seeing it.x

Maybe I do miss it I’m not testing morning and night.

I must ovulate at least sometimes as I got pregnant in September and miscarried in Nov 😢 at 12 weeks, hopefully it happen again sooner than later.

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LPR17 in reply to gcw104

I’m so sorry to hear that, I hope you are ok. I hope it happens for you soon- keep me posted on how you get on.x

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I will do, I hope u get a positive soon too x

I've been testing using these too and this isn't my first month too!

I done exactly the Adams, got flashing smiley faces on cycle day 8 and 9, but didn't continue it because I didn't read properly and then missed day 10, and morning of day 11, so I tested day 11 night time and was flashing smiley face since then, I'm confused too I think I messed it up so I'm going to try again next month after period (that I hope I don't receive) 🙄xxx

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I thought when you got the smiley face that day and the next we’re your most fertile days so why do you need to keep testing?

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We only got a flashing smiley, not a solid smiley. You should stop on the solid smiley. Really shouldn’t have skim read the instructions.x

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How have we managed to make the same mistake! I got too excited when I saw the flashing smiley. I’m still checking once a day but it’s still flashing. I know exactly what you mean- trying to plan how to avoid mistakes next month but completely hoping I don’t have to! Fingers crossed for us.x

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Yeah I've completely stopped testing and if I get my period next month, then Irvin a start testing from day 7 onwards and not stop til I get a solid smiley face 🙄😂 finer crosses for both of us like you said!x

Oh I didn’t know that haven’t used the cb ones before. Ive stopped checking for ovulation now I’m just going off my body tells me and it’s the same as the app dates. I’ve ordered some preseed to give it ago see if that makes any difference.

Sounds like a good plan and I’ve read really positive reviews on preseed. Hoping you have positive news next opportunity!x

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