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'Morning sickness'

Hi all, im just over 8 weeks with my first and no mum to ask so turning to you 😁. The first week of sickness it was all day nausea and sickness at any point. Over the last week however i have been waking up around 3 unable to get back to sleep (hubby snoring doesnt help) feeling awful. I usually end up going down stairs and having some water and a biscuit and cuddling up on the sofa inveitably i cant get back to sleep and then about 4 the sickness starts and continues on and off till about 6. I then sometimes get another hour or half an hour sleep before getting up and most days so far i have then not been sick for the rest of the day, i do however end up spending another hour or so a day dry heaving like a cat with a furball.

My main question really is, is it normal to have sickness during the night? Subliminally training me for the night feeds perhaps?😂 Any experience or advice would be much appreciated.


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Yes, it is. It sucks!

It's also normal to be a raging insomniac in the first trimester.

I have no advice I'm sorry, just reassurance and sympathy.

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i had nausea all day and night, with loads of dry heaving. i often woke up around 3/4 needing something light to eat quickly or id be sick, but if i had something too heavy-even Weetabix id be sick. Cereal bars to suck/nibble became my best friend. Thankfully the worst of it passed around 16/17 weeks. now I'm 31 weeks i just have the occasional day like that but heart burn has become my worst enemy! keep focusing on the little one your doing this for x

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I had nausea terribly at at night and through the day. Some people suggested keeping a pack of rich tea or finger biscuits at the side of the bed but it didn't really work. I was forever running the toilet heaving but nothing ever came up!

As soon as I hit 14 weeks though, my sickness stopped completely. It was so strange! Kicked in at 17 weeks again for 1 week n went. Now at nearly 37 weeks it's started again so hopefully not long until he's here!

Good luck with your pregnancy! Xx

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Thank you ladies. Sorry for the late reply my husbands away and took my charger and its been far to much effort to look for another! Pregnancy is no joke! I feel like im wasting away and ive got soo long left!

We lost one baby already this pregnancy and a threatned miscarriage with this bean so im on bed rest till 12 weeks reduce the risk to other baby. I need to look at the sickness as a relief that baby is strong and growing but its super tough. Everytime i think im ok and i have a little nibble 30 mins later im puking my guts up. After a year of operations and being in the menopause till November i think my body is sick of hormones and punishing me!

Thank you for your help. Wishing you all the best of luck and for a smooth and quick delivery! :) xx


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