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Potty training help

Hi, my (just turned) 3 year daughter has been potty trained for 4/5months now... for wee's only! Completely cracked it, majority of the time asks for the toilet in and out the house, uses potty and big toilet but I can't for the life of me get her to go for a number two! She insists on having a nappy on. To the point where she wont go at all unless she has one on! Any tips??

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By no means an expert as we're just starting to prepare for potty training... what happens if you don't put a nappy on? Have you tried hiding them and just say they're finished? Have you enticed her with buying pretty underwear that she gets to choose? Star chart for poos on the toilet?

Just a few thoughts!


I tried once not putting a nappy on and she held it in, for at least 24 hours then got very distressed about needing one on! We did the whole new knickers/charts with wee's but when it comes to poo's and wont even entertain sitting on the potty. I was hoping it would just happen in time but she's showing no signs!


She understands that she needs a toilet & when, so I would try and convince her with something better then a stickers & charts!.... try chocolate! My daughter was the same & I told her if she pooed on the potty or the toilet, she gets a little chocolate treat! It’s a instant reward for her & she should want to go it every time!


My nephew the same wee’s no bother but holds in poo then poo’s his pants my sister has tried everything been to the doctors they gave him movicol to loosen his stools but only has poo’d a couple of times in the toilet. He’ll get it eventually suppose but it’s so frustrating.

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Well, my expierience with potty trainline was quite smooth, but we also had a period when my daughter needed a nappy to make nr 2. I gave her time, told stories about poo, every time she made one We were both going to the toilet to throw it in. We bought new potty for poo and make it pretty with stickers, no pressure. Then, each time she tried to make one on potty we were singing a poo song. Not very pretty one, but it worked. She nailed it in few weeks and officially threw away remaining nappies.


I like the idea of trying a new potty for poo. In the meantime any she does in the nappy I will give the throwing it in the toilet a try so no confusing on where it's all supposed to end up. Last night she was desperate so I lined the potty with a nappy and said try sitting on the nappy. She sat... but as soon as she felt it she jumped up panicking and never went (even in bedtime nappy) she's yet to go today!!


Update on my nephew he poo’d in the toilet for me today yay I think he’s cracked it!! It’ll just take time.


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