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what does this mean PLEASE HELP!!!

hi im wondering if i can get any advice, i had the Jaydess coil put in last year may 2017 my periods took 6 months to become normal however i never once missed one and they would always come around the same time every month they would just last longer then my normal 4/5 day periods used too.. it wasn't until December they went back to the normal length and remained light.. my last period started the 1st Feb through to the 6th.. last week i experience what i thought was cramping from my period coming on and had a little blood when i wiped it was pinky colour, i thought this was the start of my March cycle but that was all i got, since then i have had nothing.. i have noticed changes to to my body im very itchy at night around my boobs especially and i need to pee a lot more then often but it does not hurt and once i'm finished i don't have the feeling that there's still more to come out my discharge was strange as well it was almost a see through slimey texture and it stretched i had that for two days and this weekend i started waking up a 6;30am feeling sick with hunger and having to get up and eat.. im not a morning person what so ever nor am i a breakfast person so this was very strange to me as well, i would love it if there was someone who has the coil and has experienced anything like this before and could provide info could this just be the effect of the coil or is it something else?

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The coil have definitely give you irregular periods. it's not 100% foolproof (although very close to it!) but if you're concerned you might be pregnant you can always take a test but it is highly unlikely


I have known somebody to have been preggers when on the coil 🙈 but I don’t think it’s common, a lot of it could be hormone imbalance due to the coil if it’s a hormone based coil?!? Copper coils shouldn’t really effect the hormones, take a test if your unsure! If symptoms persist, maybe go speak to your doctor?!?


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