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I reached out thanks to you all

Hey all,

Just wanted to say thank you. I’ve been struggling with trauma group that led me to self harm my arms and throat the other day. I didn’t go into details with the psychologist but asked her to call me and she called back about 4:30 and we spoke of OCD and self harm. I said I had experienced an increase. She said with trauma often there’s a need for protection / safety (ocd) and punishment or getting emotions out (self harm). She said no wonder due to pregnant and trauma group that those may have increased. She is going to print a list for me of ways to help with self harm by replacing with something else. She made it all seem casual and I thanked her for talking to me and calling - wished her a happy weekend and that I’d see her Wednesday.

I had you all in my mind today and it helped me reach out and be as open as I could :)

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Glad you've made some progress hun. Hope things work out for you xx

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Well done Hunni for taking that next step you should be proud of yourself, I know it can be hard to confide in people when you think the worst will happen, but there’s so much support out there and we are all here to talk and listen to you too xxx

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