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Pregnancy Anxiety and Panic


Hello Everyone,

I hope every mommy to be here has a safe arrival of her baby soon. Fingers crossed! For me I have no direct question, but rather an anxiety issue... i used to be pregnant last year and I actually weighed a lot and ended up having a miscarraige... Luckily now, a year after, I'm 30kg lighter and pregnant again (8 weeks now), but always so scared of any other misfortune. I need support and I need to stop thinking negatively. All I hope for is to enjoy my pregnancy this time. Also, I read A LOT about pregnancy and its different issues which get me more anxious, panicked and scared :( i cross my fingers every single time I go to the bathroom in fear of any coloring on my pad. I'm scared to eat anything that could be harmful, I worry about how to sleep (on my back or sides), I panic if I got out of the house etc.

Please, if anyone has tips of how I could cool down (much) I'd be so thankful!

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Oh dear sounds like you are having a rough time! Well I think first congratulations are in order if you lost 30kg! That's a real feat in itself.

Unfortunately miscarriage is all too common BUT said that most people will go on to have a healthy pregnancy afterwards. Also miscarriages are not something you would have caused. However loosing weight you are giving the best chance to bubba.

Hopefully your fears will improve once you've had your first scan. I would still mention this to your midwife

Menna123 in reply to roxannacar

Thank you for the support :) I pray everything will be okay, I really hope so. I had my first scan and it was good, but am still anxious. I have to work on myself feeling positive, that's for sure.

It's perfectly normal to feel anxious after miscarriage in pregnancy. I have been unlucky too. I do however remember the wipe check in my first pregnancy where I had a healthy boy. It's what you do.

I'm also 8 weeks and struggle to see the positive but each day is an achievement. I have gained a lot of help from the miscarriage association forums.


Menna123 in reply to Numbers

Each day is an achievement. I love that 😍 thank you for your words and I pray for your baby's safe arrival and in best of health.

I would recommend gentle exercise to help with your anxiety. Yoga is especially good and relaxing and can be done throughout pregnancy right up until birth. Try and do yoga that is suitable for the trimester that you are in. There are some great videos on YouTube or you could see if your local hospital does antenatal exercise classes. Swimming and walking is also good. Anything to get the endorphins going. Pregnancy can be a worrying time but try to stay positive for your little one. Take good care of yourself. Go on the NHS website about what foods are safe to eat during pregnancy and which sleeping position is best. I used to worry so much during pregnancy so know how you feel. Definitely mention how you are feeling to your midwife.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy x

Menna123 in reply to Ribena1987

Thank you so much for the advice. Good tip about excercising, will do that :) Good to know worrying is kind of normal and I'm not alone.

I was the exact same as I suffer with severe anxiety and have had the same misfortune. It didn’t help that I had pretty much ever symptom in this pregnancy making it sometimes really miserable! I can’t really tell you how my anxiety can get through a message, but trust me, it’s bad....however, I found that ringing the birthing centre for info helped, not googling everything, taking every day as it came, focussing on positives all really helped. My anxiety got really bad in the last month of my pregnancy.... I ended up having an extra few midwife appointments and extra scans because they would rather keep you calm! The midwives were very understanding. Talking to people around you for support is good too. I got through the last hurdle and now panic when she is sick or sleeps too long or not enough....!! However, I rely on those around me to help me still and probably will forever.... it’s how we are made so you can’t ignore it, just work with it! So pull all your resources around you, you are not the first, last or only one!! Good luck!!

Menna123 in reply to Bremna35

Good Luck to you too dear. I'm trying to work o my anxiety level, but I know am not working hard enough. Will definitely keep trying though :) Thanks a lot for the support.

I know the feeling hun. We've lost 2 babies and became pregnant again all within 7 months. We lost our first in December 2016, we lost our second in April 2017 and found out we were pregnant again end of July 2017.

After we lost our first, I had terrible anxiety, I used to attend slimming world but after our loss, being around a big group of people gave me a panic attack and I couldn't breathe n would cry. After losing our second, I went a bit off the rails, not going mad but I was out drinking n that. Luckily my fiancé was my rock.

We found out I was pregnant again I was so happy then cried straight after with fear. I checked the tissue every time I went to the toilet. I still do now on the odd occasion and I'm now 36 weeks. I am on sertraline for anxiety and depression which helps a bit but has never taken away my worry.

It's something that will always stay with you hun. My fiancé's cousin lost 2 babies and gave birth to a beautiful girl in September. She's been a good support for me. She said 'as harsh as it sounds, there is nothing you can do. If it's gonna happen then it will happen'. Which strangely helped. Every new pain I felt I would worry but it's natural to feel that way!

I'm happily here anytime if you want to talk hun. Our rainbow boy should be arriving in 4 weeks time and he's perfectly healthy and at a good weight! Don't give up hope! I have everything crossed for you ❤ (sorry about the essay Haha!) Xx

Sisi14 in reply to Major2116

That is a lovely outcome and fantastic advice! I hope you and rainbow 🌈 baby are doing well in your last weeks.

Gives a lot of people hope including myself that we will hopefully be on the same boat too soon xx

Major2116 in reply to Sisi14

Thank you hun. I remember crying to my mate at work saying it would never happen for us and now here we are, waiting for our boy to make his arrival 😁!

Fingers crossed for you hun. Sorry for the loss of your twins. I'm sure they'll pick an angel for you to bring into this world xx

Sisi14 in reply to Major2116

Thankyou my lovely and I really appreciate your kind words. Best wishes for you and your little family not long now 😘.

I’m just awaiting another 5 days to see if the witch appears lol 😂!! Xx

Major2116 in reply to Sisi14

Thank you hun. Fingers cross thw witch never appears! Xx

Sisi14 in reply to Major2116

Me too Hunni, hope your enjoying your nesting xx

Menna123 in reply to Major2116

I wish you the safe arrival of your baby boy soon. Congratulations dear in advance ❤ Thanks for your support, means a lot 😊.

Major2116 in reply to Menna123

Thank you hun! Wishing you all the best for your future ❤ xx

Menna123, I feel for you. I haven't had a miscarriage before but I have had severe anxiety and depression during pregnancy. It was my second pregnancy so it took me by surprise. I have always been an anxious person but this was another level. I have some practical advice which really helped me. The first was yoga and meditation. That made me feel calmer and more comfortable, you can try for free. The second was that I did Hypnobirthing which gave me a lot of tools for a positive outlook, including writing positive affirmations about my baby and the birth and sticking them all over the house where I could see them every day (it's quite expensive though). The third was just being kinder to myself and eating well, not taking on any more stress (my work was a nightmare so I had to stop). I think if you have done the best you can, you'll feel better about any possible outcome. Well done for taking the first step and asking for help! I wish you much luck. Hugs xxx

Menna123 in reply to Patient0

Your words are very encouraging. Thank you for that. My Dr asked me to wait for the first 3 months to pass before I did any form of excercise. I look forward though to getting back to normal movement soon. I believe it will optimise my anxiety. Thank you so much for your support dear; means a lot.

Patient0 in reply to Menna123

I understand about the exercise... that can be frustrating but meditation isn't exercise, it's just being still. If you try the free ones that you can just listen to, I think it could be really helpful. I was very sceptical before I tried it but now I can't stop raving about how life-changing it is! If you still feel anxious, you really have nothing to lose by trying it.

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