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Am I?

So in August I came off the pill had my period in the September then was 10 days late in October I took a test every other day and it was all negative so I went to the go and was told that it was the hormones changing because I had stopped taking the pill and then got it on the 18/19 of every month I have always had regular periods and now I’m 8 days late I have been throwing up and have had a high sense of smell but since I was a child my sense of smell has never been great some days I would go and not be able to smell anything at all. So I wanna know should I wait for a few days before taking another test or could it be something else? I’m only 19 and I am clueless

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Take a test if you're late, it's the way to know.

Also I would suggest reading about pregnancy etc if you are planning to get pregnant as not to be clueless. NHS choices is a very good place to start

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Are you trying to conceive?


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