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Blurred vision

Hi everyone,

I’m 7 weeks pregnant and for the last 6 weeks I’ve been suffering with blurred vision/dizziness. I did have the dreaded flu with sinusitis, chest infection and ear infection about 8 weeks ago and the doctor put it down to my sinuses being blocked and infected. He gave me beconase which helped for a couple of weeks but it’s now back. Any views on this. Thanks

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When I was pregnant I got occular migraines, this happened in both of my pregnancies (it’s how I knew I was pregnant with baby 2). I used to get really bad floating dots in my eyes that would then turn to funky coloured lines to the point where I couldn’t see. I also used to get headaches and would feel sick. Each episode would last 20-30 mins. It can happen with a change in hormones, you do need to get it checked out though. Hope it gets easier.

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