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Boiled water

My daughter is just 4weeks old and recently been winging/crying for milk but only taking like half a ounce to a whole ounce she does this sometimes a few times a day. I thought it was a comfort thing to help her fall to sleep. As shes started to have a 4 to 5 hour sleep every day. Could she be wanting booked water and not milk.? When should you start to give water ?

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You shouldn't give bottles of water until they are 6 months, as they get no calories from water. Just make sure you are mixing the formula properly.

Is she drinking good amounts as a total? Wetting and dirtying nappies? Are you burping her after feeds?


Not every feed she feeds same amount it fluctuates. She sometimes doesn't bring any wind up cos she falls to sleep


Her stomach is still tiny, let her feed whenever and however much she wants. She doesn’t need water as her milk contains water. Even if she’s asleep pop her over your shoulder and burp her, you may find she will take a bit more then. Wind can make them feel full


Water isn't needed until they start on solids, and even then milk should be given first. In some instances formula fed babies may get constipated and the doctor can recommend when to offer water.

Always burp baby after feeding, even if asleep, I find with my little guy that he brings up wind easier when he is sleepy. If you are struggling try laying her across your lap on her front to burp her, this is really good for babies with colic too. Have a look at the tiger in the tree position.

Do you do a lot of tummy time? We were pretty lazy with it at first, but the more we do with him (He is 3 months now) the easier it gets for them to bring up any gas.


What is tummy time nd she has started to struggle to bring wind up especially when she is sleepy


Tummy time is where you lie them on chest on on playmat on floor to let them wriggle about & lift their head (at 4 weeks they won't wriggle & prob not lift head very high at all). Our now nearly 3 yr old did this at day 3 on chest, but wouldn't do on floor & his muscles defo weren't strong enough as he didn't crawl until he was 1 - tummy time sort of prep for crawling.

Defo stick to milk no water until 6 months+ (our son combi-fed formula & breastfed from day 3), as there's water in the formula.

How much help do you have / what's your support network like? Do you get much help from your midwife, friends & family and are you part of a group from NCT or Birth Matters antenatal classes?

Good sources of info online (in case not much support):

Emma's Diary

Boots parent club

Tescos baby club


Also the Wonder Years I think its called is an app that explains about their developmental leaps. The others send your child at 1 month, 3 months, 6 months etc. With support tips & a rough idea of what / how they should be doing. Emma's Diary promo stuff was in the Bounty Pack (from midwife or collect one from Boots with your Bounty pack voucher)


Hi yh she is a very strong and clever bubba she does all that when she is on my chest I was thinking to get play mat out soon. And go to local health place but she now has a cold so dont want her to get worse just riding it out at home. She has nasal spray and I put on vics when holding her but not shifting and sooo horrible to hear it all and struggling to sleep at night cos of it. Don't want to keep going doctors as I've read it up on nhs website and it all quite common at first few weeks.


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