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5 maybe 6 weeks pregnant what pain is normal.


Hi all,

First pregnancy. Had a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy last may. Am experience a wide range of pains, lower back and hip pain and on the right side of my bikini line/groin area ever changing from a dull ache to sharp almost gripey pains and warn burnint sensations. I had a scan last Friday and they could only see the 'sacks' they said there were two but they could not see anything else.

They have done 48 blood tests and levels have increased but pain just doesnt seem to relent. I also cant stop passing winding and burping so i dont know if there is an element of wind pain. I tried to get something to take for wind but the pharmacist said there isnt anything safe for pregnant women. I wondered whether having had the operation last year where alot of pelvic inflammation was removed would mean i would have scar tissue which the growing and stretching might aggravate.

Any advice would be welcome. xx

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Hey hun congratulations

I think your right about scar tissue. Also you could, be experiencing pain due to the hormone relaxin I think it's calked it relaxes all your bones in pelvic area to prepare for birth which does cause pain every time I'm pregnant I get lower back pain hip pain groin pain also. Maybe look into spd although it might be too early but I'm sure there will be early, cases. Xxx

Thank you so much. Its such a worry i just dont know what to expect. I have got another scab Friday so hopefully they can give me a better idea of whats going on also. I will look into spd and have an appt with my gp tomorrow so will ask what he thinks. Thanks again, i havent got a mum or really any friends with kids around so its nice to get advice from those that have been through it. x

Anytime hun. Trust, me, iv been through it all. Anything you want to talk about, just pm me I'll try help wherever I can. Hoping Friday brings you the reassurance you need the fact your bloods are good is a good sign. 💗🤗😘

How did your scan go hun? Xx

I dont know what to think. Bit of another waiting game but some good news. So there are still two sacks one now has a heartbeat but the other doesn't. They explained i had miscarried one and the other is fine so they dont need to see me again. They then called me about 3 hours later to say they had looked over my scans with the doctor and they would like to monitor the second sack in 10 days so the new waiting game commences. We have one happy healthy little bean though measuring at 5+5. Trying not to think about the next scan and focus on the now :) xx

Awwwwww lovely pleased to here this bless you. Thank God you have at least one potentially two healthy ones they're being cautious the Dr would have seen something that potentially looks like there could, be, growth. Pleased to hear this lovely. Congratulations 💗💗🤗😘😘

How are you doing hun 💗🤗😘

Hi im ok except for being a walking zombie version of myself! We had a big bleed just before the scan and they confirmed we lost one, shouldnt be a risk to the other but strict guidance to rest and no 'love making' 😂 till after the 12 week scan! Stomach has gone really hard (under the layer of flab) and feel like i have every symptom going and just moved between the bed, toilet floor and kitchen when i get a hunger spurt. Thank you for checking in. Hope you are well? xx

Sorry about your loss hun

I know how you feel regards symptoms I'm the same I feel so rotten it's unreal. Rest up hun


I don't know much about your problem. I'm 8 weeks pregnant now. Im on bed rest as advised by my GP.Till last week I too had lower backpain. I was advised to keep a pillow below my thighs while I sleep. It really worked out well and I don't have any sort of lower back pain now. Hope this information may help u.. all the best. Don't loose hopes.

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