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4 months pregnant and exhausted


Hi all,

So I’m 4 months pregnant today and feel extremely tired and I’m lacking energy. I work full time and it’s pretty full on. I’ve struggled all weekend to do anything and mostly laid up on the sofa. Is it normal to feel like this 4 months into a pregnant? I thought you were meant to experience a spike in energy ect? I have my midwife appointment next week but do you think I should see my doctor? Maybe it’s a lack in iron?

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I’m 24 weeks today and have been feeling exactly the same unfortunately I think it’s normal I just want to sleep as much as I can! Might be worth getting your iron levels checked just in case your feeling tired due to low iron I had mine checked and they came back normal, have now resided that I’m just gonna feel tired all the time x

Hopful85 in reply to Shanks_21

Thanks for the advice. I think I’m just looking for a reason and a fix for this tiredness lol. Hopefully I’ll get used to it. Strange thing is I wake up around 3ish everyday night and can’t get into a deep sleep again.

Shanks_21 in reply to Hopful85

I’m exactly the same wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back off again it’s so frustrating - will be worth it in the end though x

Hopful85 in reply to Shanks_21

Yes it will be. Now I know why pregnant woman feel so emotional lol xx


Very similar to Shanks_21, I’ve been tired my whole pregnancy. I’m in my final week - hopefully! I’ve only really had an occasional day where I have felt less tired and more energised to do household chores etc. but I really have to force myself to do most things. I had to accept early on that I was just going to be pretty tired the whole 40 weeks. However, do get your iron and thyroid levels checked out. With me, I had a wonky thyroid so have had to take tablets to bring my levels up to a normal level which has helped but I’m still pretty tired most of the time.

Hopful85 in reply to Hidden

Thank you I will get checked out. I feel the same tiredness I felt at around 8 weeks and then I got my energy back so hoping I bounce back. I hope you have a good delivery! X

I was extremely tired up until about 20/22 weeks and I literally woke up one day and felt amazing, full of energy, wanted to actually do things not just sleep and laze on the sofa.... but currently I’m 32 weeks and starting to feel the same tiredness coming back - which is annoying.... I have to force myself to do things now, and work is a real struggle when all I can think about it lying down 🙈 hopefully you perk up soon though! X

Hopful85 in reply to JamieAnn11

Thank so much I hope it goes for a while at least. I’ve never felt anything like it. Hope you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy xx

I agree with the others - it does get better, but probably only at around the half way point - so you haven't got long to go! The first 3 months were definitely the hardest and it slowly got better from there. I had my son nearly 7 weeks prematurely so I never reached those exhausting last few weeks at the end!

Do get your iron levels checked as it could be that but generally, I think how you're feeling is pretty normal. Perhaps take a odd day off work just to catch up with sleep - you'll need it when the baby arrives as that's a whole new level of exhaustion, but it's so worth it! X

Hey im 15 weeks and 4 days and i feel just the same i was always going to bed around 10.30pm and had lots of energy but im lucky if i make it to 8pm at the moment lol think its just normal to be honest but if u do feel worried i would just see a doctor to put your mind at rest xx

Hiya Hopful85,

I had the exact same problem from around 20 weeks, seen my midwife at 22 weeks and had my iron levels checked, turns out I am aneamic. Been off work for almost 4 weeks as i feel so exhausted, but can't even sleep well, so I feel your pain!. I've been on iron tablets for the last 3 weeks and have noticed my shortness in breath improving (I couldn't finish a sentence without feeling breathless!) and tiredness is starting to improve some days. I hope to be back to work this week as not getting paid and need to save money for baba! I also feel like my brain is turning to mush!

I was always waiting for that whoosh of energy after dreadful morning sickness in the first trimester, but unfortunately it never seem to appear! Still holding on to hope I might get some energy back soon.

Fingers crossed it gets better for you!


Hopful85 in reply to Katief1990

I really hope you get your energy back it’s the worst time to not be able to work. I know how you feel though it’s hard to get the energy to do anything! I’m starting to think that this rush of energy thing is a lie lol.

Thanks for your advice too my sister was anaemic too so I know it’s not a nice thing to go through. I’ve heard in your last few weeks you get a massive surge of energy because you want to prepare for your baby. How far are you now? Xxx

Katief1990 in reply to Hopful85

Haha yeah definitely no rush of energy for me, but they say each pregnancy is different. I'm 26 weeks at the minute, maybe my energy rush will be in the third trimester... fingers crossed!

Its completley normal i worked full time as a restaraunt manager in a very busy chain until 36 weeks. It does get easier as you get used to it you are less tired but you will spend the majority of your free time sleeping or resting lol i got back pain bad late on and eventually became unbareable at work 🙈 if it gets too much consider your options with work maybe drop some hours i wish i did but was unable to financially afford it at the time xx

Thanks for the advice! I’m assuming it’s just a growth spurt and it’s taking a toll on my body I’ve just recently started to show. Luckily I’m office based so could possibly work from home because as you say financially it’s not viable for me to cut hours ect sadly xxx

Anemia is quite common in pregnancy though my sisters iron level went really low and she suffers with it now still 3 years after being pregnant so get checked just to be safe and make sure work keep your chair comfortable 😉 xx

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