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Suffering with pelvic girdle pain

I have been suffering with pelvic girdle pain since I was 12 weeks pregnant I know it's not going to get any easier I am now 33 weeks and really starting to suffer I've had to finish work earlier than I wanted to and now I'm not getting any sleep at night constantly in pain I can't get comfy day or night I have been doing the exercises my physiotherapist told me to do but they don't seem to be helping anymore has anyone got any advise or tips that could help me cope until I have my baby

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Hi i got spd also. I'm now 25 weeks and was taken to hospital last Saturday. Been signed off work. I've been advised just to rest etc... I understand how you feel. Because I can hardly do much ie walking/standing etc to much pain and just taking paracetamols isn't working. I hope you are Ok? And all works out x

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