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Too much amniotic fluid ?

Hey all :)

Just wondered whether anyone had any advice or have been in a similar position .

I’m nearly 30 weeks pregnant with my second child and went for a scan Friday to be told I have slightly too much amniotic fluid. They have arranged another scan for next week and I’ve had blood tests to try and rule out any infections. Obviously I’ve googled lots lol and I’m really worried now bout what it could be. The midwife wasn’t the nicest and was talking bout checking baby for any problems. I’ve already had my diabetes check and that came back negative . So worried now that somethings gonna be wrong . I’m having a little girl this time round. Anyone had the same thing ?

Lucy x

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Hi, I’m 30 weeks and when I went for midwife appointment at 28 weeks I was measuring 34 weeks!! They sent me in for a scan to measure the fluid and yes I have lots of fluid too!! I asked what was going to happen and midwife told me not to worry as it could go down which hopefully it will. She said i will have a midwife appointment next week hopefully it will go down but if not then they will check again at 34 weeks and then if it’s still not going down they will then talk about actions that will need to be taken but in the meantime midwife and doctor told me not to worry and just relax take early maternity leave if I feel I need too!!

Jodie x


Hi, I found out yesterday that I have too much amniotic fluid too. I am 37+5 now. Next scan on monday. I am scared as Hell, cause till now it was all fine. They told me Not to worry, and i read that in most times there Is nothing to be worry about, but still. Best advice from me Is to rest plenty, drink plenty, as it May be caused by some kind of kidney infection. Keep checking baby movements and go to hospital if you Feel They had changed.


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