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Gestational Diabetes diet plan


Hi all, first post.

My girlfriend is 24 weeks pregnant and has just been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. We live in Serbia (she is Serbian) and they don't screen for it until as early as they do in the UK. Also the health service here is pretty chaotic and you go from one place to another getting completely inconsistent advice (underfunded and totally disorganised really)

She is v petite, BMI no problems, and our diet before and during pregnancy is healthy, lots of fresh foods, little processed sugars or anything like that. The doctors here want to see if altering diet a little will help before we resort to insulin or anything else. Does anyone have any tips for or links to a good, reasonable diet plan for someone with GD?

Many thanks in advance :-)

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Hmm I can’t help you from a pregnancy point of view but my sister has type 2 diabetes and has a healthy, balanced diet whilst considering choosing foods that are low on the glycemic index (ie complex carbs) and avoiding those that are high on the index (ie refined sugars). It’s all about trying to have a slow and constant release of energy throughout the day rather than peaking and troughing. Here is some further information which will explain it much better than I have!

Hope you both get it sorted soon and best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy! X

enceedubya in reply to Hidden

thank you!

yes! I had his recently (baby is now 7 months - happy and healthy, please tell her not to stress, it's brilliant they recognised it now. Any diagnosis is better than no diagnosis!) I followed the gestational diabetes UK diet ( and joined their Facebook group too. I think it's a women only group so get her to join it. A lot of the dietary advice at hospitals is out of date so I found the group VERY helpful for meal and snsck ideas. Carbs are the biggest problem (and sugar obviously), cut these way way down and avoid fruit and juice. LOTS of water with meals and daily, add cheese to everything (sounds weird but the fat and protein is what keeps your glucose levels stable) check blood an hour after every meal to make sure you are staying within the safe limits. Have the hosptial given her a little blood checker machine thing and clean needles to prick finger? Good luck, a few tweaks here and there and she will be fine. If her fasting levels remain high though she will need either Metformin or Insulin so it's important to keep checking blood sugar at least after every meal she eats. Any questions please don't hesitate to message me!

thanks so much. haven't been given a self checker thing, i think they advise to buy one, which is really annoying (we don't have heaps of money really). I will look into that. Because our diet has been relatively good for so long i think there will be some medication involved.

i'll get her to join that group, as long as there isn't too much scaremongering in there, have already learned the hard way about forums etc on the internet!

thanks again.


oh gosh no scaremongering at all in the group! The group is run by the same women who created and run the website I linked you. And it seems every day there are posts of new "sugar babies" who had arrived safe and sound. Its all very supportive and staight forward, and also full of women just like your wife who are seeking reassurance and support.

But its amazing how quickly you go from being scared and overwhelmed to suddenly advising and helping others (much like I am now i guess!). I was SO upset when I got my diagnosis, but after a week or so of feeling like I had failed somehow, I quickly realised its all the placentas fault (lol) and totally out of your control if you are more susceptible to getting it than others. I accepted it, and got into the routine of finger prick checks, strict diet and keeping a strict record of my blood sugars. It became second nature and its all for the good of the baby!

Definitely get a blood checker, that's very very important :)

also we have NO problem with cheese with everything :-)

I am in similar position to your girlfriend. I was diagnosed at 34 weeks. Now 36 weeks and have managed to keep my levels good with the help of the gestational diabetes uk website and their Facebook page like Babymamajewels suggested. Good luck!

enceedubya in reply to Rhianon52

thank you - i tried to join the group but of course was blocked immediately. i will get her to join.

Rhianon52 in reply to enceedubya

Yes good plan. I would also add that I was also worried with having a late diagnosis that this might have an effect on the baby because my sugar levels would have been uncontrolled beforehand. But the doctors have done additional checks and she’s doing very well. My bmi is normal and I too ate a healthy diet before finding out- &for me it was just a few tweaks here and then (honestly I haven’t changed my diet much) and the doctors are happy that I can stay diet controlled so hopefully a similar situation for your girlfriend too😊

Oakey80 in reply to enceedubya

I swear by gestational diabetes UK too. I was diagnosed at 22wks and am now 37wks. The doctors thought I'd be on medication straight away but I managed to stay diet controlled with the group's help! Baby is measuring perfectly too which i put down to the amazing advice and support they gave me.

There's a website anyone can look at ( with loads of recipes and advice and you can sign up for membership and get even more recipes! Also there's a couple of support groups on Facebook. One is specifically for mums but there's another for those supporting mums with GD. It's called gestational diabetes support should be able to join that one.

enceedubya in reply to Oakey80

thank you- our baby is a bit on the big side at the moment and we're both little ish people. will look at recipes.

ANother vote for gestational diabetes UK - excellent source and worth the membership if you can manage £7prr month. Good luck.

enceedubya in reply to AMLW

thanks! we are already finding it v useful

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