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Faint line

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For the risk of sounding and looking very silly... can anyone else see a faint line, I did the test this morning, it had a very very VERY almost not there faint pink line, my partner could see it. I’m wondering if this is likely to be a positive or just a faint line showing up cause of the test being done. I have attached a photo. I will do another test in a few days or a week to check anyway. But I’m just too impatient and it’s killing me now knowing.

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I can see it hun. Did it come up in the time limit? Check in a few days fmu and good, luck xx

it caught the line as soon as the dye went up the stick, but then never got any darker so I assumed it was another negative. Then the more I looked I could still see the line. I’ll try again the next few days x

Good luck hope it gets darker. Xx

DEFFO! I can see it clear as day! xx

I can see it hun. I'd take another in a few days though as it may be too early to get a stronger reading. Or take a clear blue digital test. Looks positive to me though! X

It’s definately there!! :)

Looks positive to me. Check in a few days but I think it's good news!

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Also, that's how mine started with my second pregnancy. The line was even fainter than that. I thought it was just my eyes playing tricks so didn't think anything of it.

Yep I can see the line

Took another test this morning (Morrison’s one, same kind just different brand) and it came out completely negative. As well as having an appointment at the hospital this morning as we have been trying to conceive for some time. And the gynaecologist said that it’s unlikely I’ll get pregnant naturally, so I’m sure it was probably just a fluke that the line appeared. Thanks for everyone’s replies. Guess it’s just no meant to be right now. X

So sorry about that hun. Trusting you'll get answers soon. Here if you ever need to chat.💗🤗😘

Don’t give up, false positives are rare. Try another test next week x

Yes I can just about see a faint line but I would do another test in a couple days you may see a better line

I can see the faint line. You should buy one of the more expensive early detect ones (can test 6 days before your missed period). I used one and found out I was pregnant at 3 weeks. Also, just before I used the expensive one, I got a faint pink line like yours on one of the cheapy tests. I knew I was pregnant as kept feeling shivery, slightly sick with a bloated stomach but wanted it confirmed as thought it could be PMT.

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