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Gastroenteritis in babies

Hi. My LO was suffering from diarrhoea since few weeks and the ped suggested it could be gastroenteritis and asked me to take him off Aptamil. He is 37 weeks and is now purely formula fed and does feed solids very well so milk is our only way to keep his weight up. I was given NEOCATE (dairy free formula) which smells and tastes horrible and LO hates it and keeps refusing.

Does anyone know any other dairy free milk and can advise please? He is very poorly and I don’t know what to do. He needs fluids in his body but I can’t give him Aptamil. It’s heartbreaking. Any advice???

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There’s nutramigen but that smells even worse than neocate if you have an iPhone you can download the neocate app which gives you recipes on making food with the formula there is yoghurts you could do with fruit purée which might help him get the taste for the formula 😊


If you contact your Health visitor at your GP practice they will be able to advise - you may be able to speak to one of them this afternoon.Otherwise your GP or pharmacist should know.


If you think your baby is very ill and also if they are not taking fluids then LO should get seen by the doctor soon as he may be getting dehydrated - are the nappies dry ?you may still be able to.get a Dr's appointment tonight if you phone.and explain.

Hope all improves soon for you both.


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