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Pregnant and possible UTI?


Im currently 22 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I went to the doctors yesterday as since the weekend I’ve not been feeling well been feeling exhausted and generally unwell to the point as soon as I get in from work I’m going to bed as I can’t keep my eyes open, also I’ve been experiencing lower back ache (on and off) and achey pains in my lower bump (again on and off) in my head I thought this could possibly be a water infection, the doctor checked me over and when I told her my symptoms I could she was just putting them towards normal pregnancy side effects however she has asked me to provide a urine sample to check for an infection. She also suggested when I see the midwife next week to get some bloods done to check my iron levels. My question is if I haven’t got a water infection are these symptoms just normal with pregnancy? I’d like to think I know my own body and know when something isn’t right but the dr got me paranoid now and almost felt a bit like she was fobbing me off!

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Morning Hunni, some of your symptoms are normal as our hormone levels change through the trimester so one week your bouncing around and the next your too exhausted to move. What I will say though as your tired and probably lacking energy as the midwife to check your blood for the iron levels and anemia, as I suffered with both these in my pregnancy. They will then give you medication for it and always check levels for the anemic too as you will require more help.

Pregnancy is full of all sorts of pains Hun and sometimes it’s hard to guess if it’s this or that.

Hope you start to feel better soon xx

Throughout first trimester I went to bed every night at 7 and still felt tired! Tightenings and back pain can also be normal. All can be normal symptoms, they are not classical water infection symptoms (passing small amounts of burning wee)... however I don't think she's fobbing you off as she asked you to provide a urine sample to check... so seems to be taking your concerns on board.

Hello. I'm 23w5d and feeling pretty much as you are. I'm fit for nothing most evenings, and bed is now the default option and whilst I can get to sleep I don't stay asleep and I think that might be the issue. My lower back has been very painful on and off as of a couple of weeks ago, I'm told this is normal but it makes sleeping hard. They do routine blood/iron tests close to the 26/28 mark I gather as this is when levels can start to dip, whilst they don't expect it they do prempt it. I'm so excited about being pregnant and can't wait for my little bundle to arrive but I can honestly say I took my health and feeling well ahead of it for granted. I exercised 5 times a week and slept like a baby when I needed to. I'm lucky if I have the energy for a couple of sessions at the weekend these days. I'm not even that big yet! On the positive we are over halfway through and learning what we need to do to look after ourselves. I gather the body is very good at righting itself after the event.

Good luck and happy weekend :) x

Ps on the urine front I'm asked to provide wee every time I go near a medical professional of any type! Kidney behaviour/urine apparently explains alot. X

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They normally check for protein rather than infection at the pregnancy checks.

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Yes, that’s normal.


Like the other ladies have said, your GP is running a urine test which will let you know if you have an infection or not. I get mine tested every time I see my midwife or at my hospital appointments. They also check blood pressure at each appointment and run a blood test in each trimester.

I was similar with extreme tiredness but my bloods flagged up that I had a wonky thyroid. The thyroid does control a lot and if it’s not working properly, it can really affect you. I could barely get out of bed most days and it took a lot of effort to get up. Thankfully after a week on thyroxine things improved and has continued to do so.

I’m currently 38 weeks and have had to cope with the ongoing tiredness due to not being able to get comfortable most nights and waking 2-3 times for a wee. It can be a difficult journey but it will come to an end soon. Stay positive. We can do this!

Thanks girls for all your replies made me feel a lot better have had a couple of days off work to recharge my batteries and already feel better, I’m seeing my midwife on Wednesday I’m going to ask to check my iron levels just in case they are a little low x

I'm 21 wks and I feel exactly the same! I pretty much go straight to bed as soon as I'm home from work, I do shift work so I'm finding it hard. The last time I saw my midwife she said my iron level are fantastic 🙈

Hope you get on ok x

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