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I’m pregnant after 2 miscarriages

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Hi everyone, I’m pregnant again. After 2 miscarriages I’m having an early appointment tomorrow I’ll be 6 weeks pregnant. I’m hoping this is my rainbow baby. Keep me in your prayers.

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I know how you feel hun. I'm currently 31+3 weeks pregnant with our rainbow boy after we lost 2 babies.

Fingers crossed everything goes well for you and baby! Xx

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jessbbyh in reply to Major2116

Thank you! Congrats on your baby boy.

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Major2116 in reply to jessbbyh

Thank you! Xx

I know exactly how your feeling. Wishing you all the best hun hoping this is your, 🌈 baby 💗🤗😘

Aw congratulations my lovely and I will definitely say a prayer for you.

I’m trying to conceive after my twin miscarriage so I hope I can join you soon too.

All the best for tomorrow xx

So sorry to hear of your twin miscarriage sisi14 💗🤗😘

That’s ok Hunni the same goes to you too. They’re my sleeping angels 👼 now and I know it wasn’t my time! Hoping it will be soon!

How long has it taken for you to conceive again sorry for being nosey !

I hope all goes well tomorrow xx

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jessbbyh in reply to Sisi14

Thanks, good luck to you. It’s been 3 months since my last miscarriage.

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Sisi14 in reply to jessbbyh

Thankyou for r the information so I have a chance too. Let us know how everything goes xx

Best of luck lovely x

Ahhh, I am at the same situation! After 2 miscarriages last year I just find out that I am pregnant again and it is exactly 6 weeks!

I wish all goes well today for you two!

Take care love, xx

Congratulations and a healthy pregnancy for you xx

Congratulations I had two miscarriages and currently feeding my 8 week old Baby girl

Saying my prayers for you x

Congratulations hun. You will get your rainbow baby. I know it's hard, my little girl was born asleep at 39 weeks. I got my rainbow baby, a gorgeous little boy who's 4 now. You will never forget them. My thoughts are with you x

Hey Hun how did your appointment go ? Xx

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jessbbyh in reply to Sisi14

Hi there, my appointment went ok. We heard a heartbeat it was a little low but because its also so early in the pregnancy at 80 bpm. I'm anxiously waiting for my next appointment, which my doctor scheduled me for week 10 but I may switch doctors and get seen again at week 8. I just want to make sure the baby is growing.

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Sisi14 in reply to jessbbyh

Aw I’m so glad you got to hear your little bubbas heartbeat 💗 it all sounds like it’s going well, but I understand your anxiety as your past experiences . Do what makes you feel better Hunni I’m sure they understand how your feeling. Xxx

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