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Trying to conceive

I had an implant for 3 years and had this removed in September 2017. My partner and I have been trying to conceive since November but I still have not had a period since having my implant removed (is this normal?!) and have taken many pregnancy tests but all are negative. Have been feeling nauseous the last few days but not sure if this is just a coincidence as today’s test is still negative. Anyone had similar experiences?

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It can take a while to get cycles back in order... the injection for e.g. Can take up to a year!!! I think it's less for an implant but def can take several months ... just be patient and try working on anything that could help excercise/healthy diet/weight loss/smoking and saving the pennies!


Thank you! It’s just so disappointing but yes I should concentrate on getting healthier too and hopefully it’ll happen in time! X

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