First time pregnancy, Gestational Diabetes, what happens now??

So i had a GTT test last week(due to BMI being over 30) and got a call to say that my blood sugar levels were a little high and that it looks like i have it and will be getting an appointment to speak to a specialist doctor about this! This is my first pregnancy and I have no idea what Gestational Diabetes is or what it causes or anything about it really, i’ve tried reading up about it but still very confused. I was just wondering if there is anyone who has previously had this in a pregnancy and knows the best way to go about it? Or any tips?

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Have a look at this. NHS choices always have good reliable info.

gdm (gestational diabetes) is diabetes that develops during your pregnancy. It may settle once you give birth but it means you are at risk having it in future pregnancies or further in the future. In general you would start trying to diet control so cutting down on things with high sugar and refined carbs.

Hope that helps

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My colleague developed gestational diabetes. She said that she had to have a bit of a restricted diet after the diagnosis, like eating brown rice and pasta instead of white and not eating too much fruit or drinking fruit juice.

I'd struggle since fruit is my favourite thing at the moment :) especially sickly sweet fruits like pineapple and mango!

At least you've got a diagnosis so your GP/midwives will take care of you. Hope you have a good pregnancy.



I am sorry to hear that you have GD. Along with what the ladies above have said it also means that the baby will be monitored to make sure that it does not grow too big during your pregnancy. This will be done with extra growth scans and you will be transferred to the diabeties team for the rest of your pregnancy. Try not to worry as it will be closely monitored. It is possible to manage your diabetes with extra care at home with blood tests to check your levels. You will need to adjust your diet and you will get lots of advice and support to do this from your midwife/diabetes team. Good luck xx


Hi there

I too have been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes as I’m having twins and it’s more likely. You will meet with a diabetic nurse who will explain the best and worst things to eat and they will ask you to try and manage it by diet. If you can’t manage it by diet alone then they will probably give you tablets or insulin. It doesn’t affect the baby(S) but they can become too large if untreated. It should also go away for you once you’ve had the baby.

They will give you a home blood sugar test kit and you just need to monitor your blood sugar levels and if they become too high they ask you to call so they can find out what it is you’ve eaten that affected it. I’ve done nearly a week on diet management only and not had one high reading so hoping I can make it without medication (6 weeks to go!!).

I was also OBSESSED with sweet stuff before I found out so it hit me pretty badly.

The Gestational Diabetes UK website does some good recipes (chocolate mousse and peanut butter cookies) if you need a sweet fix, although they aren’t quite the same as the real thing 😂

Good luck, I’m sure you will be fine. Xx


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