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Positive test

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I did I pregnancy test Thursday, which was a day before I was due on my period, and it came back positive 1-2 weeks. Is it best doing a couple more this weekend just to be sure

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Congratulations Hunni, if you want to do more then do so or wait til the middle of week do a first urine and see if your weeks have changed.

All the best xx

Your last period, was it like your usual period? I only ask because I was having pregnancy symptoms but had a period that lasted 2 and a half days. We've have lost 2 babies previously. All my pregnancies were 4 months apart from the next one so I assumed it was my body getting used to it but it turned out I had conceived the month before and that was implation bleeding and I was in fact pregnant with our rainbow boy.

If it was normal for you, then I'd wait a few days and try again. Wishing you the best! Xx

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Jessieb97 in reply to Major2116

So do you think it’s best to do another test in a few days??xx

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If you were due your period on Friday, maybe do another Monday morning? Xx

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Congratulations to you. Do a couple more just to be sure. If they still come back positive then go to your gp x

It's rare for a false positive to occur. By all means test again, I did loads when I discovered I was pregnant just to 'make sure', but really I didn't need to. Congratulations :)

Congratulations xx

How did you get on hun? X

I did loads because I just couldn't believe it 😂 but once you get a positive you don't need to test again. Congrats!

I recently got a BFP ( I’m about 5 weeks now ) and I will continue to test weekly until I go for the 1st midwives appointment in a few weeks time..

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