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When should I do another test?

Hi Everyone,

I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I had my last "normal" period just before Christmas (21-24) 2017 I was due on again the 18 January but only had some brownish discharge with wiping. I took a test on the 22 and it came back negative. I am on the patch so normally my periods are clockwork. Do you think I should take another test now or wait until my next period is due (15 Feb)?

I've been feeling nauseous this week and had some really bad headaches but I'm just putting that down to the time of year!

Any advice would be welcomed!

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Hi Hun , I would try next week with your first urine of the morning and go from there ! If then that’s negative await the 15th if you want or request a blood test from your GP !

I had a period which was 3 days late lasted 2 days which has happened the past 3 months so now I’m going for tests and a scan to check what’s going on ! Good luck 😉 xx


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