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SPD or What?

I am 33 weeks pregnant now. Since about 18th week I am experiencing this terrible pubic/pelvis pain. Each time I see the Midwife or a Consultant I am telling them that I really need some Help with that, as it Is hard for me to walk, Not to mention taking care of a toddler. I have been told several times now, that They will refer me to the physio, but nothing happened. And I have checked my notes, Nobody ever mentioned that I have been complaining. I am getting scared now. What if something will go wrong? What else can I do to at least manage the pain a bit. It’s really hard now and I Feel hopeless. I have been reading about supporting belts, does anyone know Where I can buy one of them? I am really desperate now.

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I started with SPD at 24 weeks pregnant. It just came on one night and I had to crawl upstairs to bed because of the pain.

At 26+ weeks, 2 doctors visits, call to MAU and a midwife appointment, I was finally diagnosed with it by a GP. I've been off work for 3 weeks and just started back 2 days a week on light duties. I'm now 29+6 weeks pregnant.

My GP referred me for physio at 26 weeks but heard nothing yet. She did say I might not even get physio as they have a long waiting list so I imagine at 33 weeks, it'll be too late for physio.

I borrowed a support belt off one of my friends and it has helped a lot! You're not allowed to sleep in them but it helps during the day and I'm able to walk our dog short distances without nearly crying in pain.

I've done a bit of research for you hun as my friend got her belt off physio. Have a look at this website


I have seen one on Kiddicare for £12.99. Sorry for the essay! Hope you manage to get sorted hun! X


Thanks for the reply. I am 36weeks now, and finally got my physio referal for last week, but They changed it to this week. So, still wainting in pain. i hot some codine, but it helps only a little. I really Hope that the physio will Help somehow. According to my consultant, I have been diagnosed with SPD by my GP in 24weeks. Now I have found out that my baby night be much bigger than his sister was (now his weight Is above 3500g), Which makes me even more worried. My doctors don’t see any reason for me to have induced labour or c-section, and I am seeing all the things that May go wrong during the natural delivery.


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