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I've been driving me and my bf crazy for almost a month now. My period is very irregular sometimes 50 day cycles and I am not on birth control. I have had sex (with and without protection) since last period but never was ejaculated into. I was supposed to get my period around New Years and I thought I got it on New Years Day. I had the cramping and immediately noticed discharge. It was brown and I thought brown blood is normal but it wasn't bloody but almost dischargey. A week after I noticed my nipples looked fuller and I got scared. I've taken 2 pregnancy tests (digital) both came out negative. However, I'm still scared I might be pregnant. Yesterday started cramping today had a little reddish blood about 20 mins ago might this be my period coming 20 days (why so early?!) after my brown period or "implantation bleeding"!! Please please please help idk what to do.

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If you've done two neg tests then it's unlikely you're pregnant. It sounds to me you've got a bit of a hormonal imbalance, the long cycles, the spotting. Go see your gp about it & particularly if you're having unprotected sex (ejaculation or not) if you're not trying for a baby you need something more reliable than the withdrawal method.

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Yes aspajohns says go to gp. Why drive yourself bonkers when there is dr service available to be used x

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1. I'm not sure you can rely on your periods if you're that irregular (50 days) is essentially a missed month. So maybe you missed a month. You can retake test or visit gp and see if a blood test in appropriate

2. The withdrawal method is not a reliable method so if you don't want to get pregnant but you want to have sex sort some proper contraception out as playing with fire might get you burnt


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