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High fluid levels 38 weeks

I’m 38 weeks and 6 days, on Friday I attended a scan, all was ok with baby but my fluid measurements are measuring in at 20 I had high fluid levels in the past but these rectified themselves. I am booked in for a cs on Wednesday and now I’m so upset.. I was hoping their is a lady who can hopefully reassure me please. Only want to hear positive stories. X

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Why are you upset? X


As it’s something I’ve never experienced in any of my pregnancies before and was hoping for some reassurance as I’ve read some things that aren’t too nice on the net. X


Ah ok. Please try not to worry; I know it’s tempting but googling these sort of things are a recipe for worry! I had excess fluid with my son and it was an indication of gestational diabetes as his tummy was also large. He was big so I had a CS but other than that he was utterly perfect. How is your baby measuring size wise? I liked my CS as it meant I had the house all tidy, freezer full and beds changed ready to go!! I like planning haha. Good luck.


Hi, she’s weighing at 8lbs 7 - its just scary as you want everything t be perfect. Thank you so much for your reply. X

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