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Hi there i am trying to get pregnant !! 😐 i have early miscareg 2 months ago and since then had period allways have them on time never late ..... all ready late 8 days but test showing negative can someone help pls soooo sad ;( i have had my first son hes gone be 6 and had him normaly and healthy also feeling sick in a morning and cramps like period pain but nothing should i think i am not ? So confused

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Hi darling, I know you have heard this before but try to relax. Stress can alter and trick your mind. Which brand did you buy? Remember that not all brands can detect the same levels of the pregnancy hormone, I also had a miscarriage before conceiving and both times I found out that I was pregnant with really cheap online pregnancy test. And both were confirmed later with first responce and then boots one.

Remember that all pregnancies are different so don’t compare what happened with your son.

Go and buy an ultra sensitive pregnancy test and good luck


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