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Hi, I’ve recently finished my period about a week ago. However I was experiencing pregnancy symptoms before starting. Me and my partner have regular sex as I was ovulating 3 days ago. I got a little confused with previous periods. So the dates I’m using on the app are a little guessed as I couldn’t fully remember them. We are trying for a baby; although I’m not sure when to take a test.


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Take a test within the next 3-4 weeks for better results or contact your primary physician for a HGC urine and blood test. Also they are going to tell you how far are you in your pregnancy and give you prenatal care and ob/gyn services . Goodluck with alots of baby dust.

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Thank you. I took a test about a week and half ago but came back negative. Hopefully things work out

I wouldn't take a test until you've missed a period so wait to see if you miss it in a couple of weeks.. the gps use urine test as sensitive as the store bought one

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Okay great. Thank you x

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