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Feeling movements.

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The past couple of days I have had slight flutters, at different times, I’ve not felt anything lik this in the last day. - is this normal? Is it because the baby has moved and now in a different position so the movements won’t be so obvious?

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How far along are you? X

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21 weeks today

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I remember when I was at that stage mine were really irregular and some people don’t start feeling anything until 25 weeks. I would go a few days with nothing plus I have an anterior placenta. If your really worried call your midwife or the triage line xx

If the movement is super irregular you better get it checked. I mean eventually you will have a lot of movement but... It is weird that there was nearly nothing then suddenly a lot. There is no need for panic though. This isn't something bad or such. Just mention this to your doctor next time. Hope everything is fine dear. God bless you!

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Thank you, I’ve had a warm/hot bath to see if this would get her moving, and I’ve had a few movements (like normal) while in the bath so I’m feeling a bit more relaxed.

I’ve had a stressful weekend, as my Gran passed away Friday. - so extra cautions on me and my baba now!

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Well I am really glad to hear that. It seems that things are normal! Than again It just that what your feeling is completely normal. Baby quickening starts around this time. You said this is your 21st week right? It is completely normal dear. If this isn't your first pregnancy it would be weird if you didn't feel these things. I guess they only show that your angel is doing fine in there.

Also I am really sorry about your Gran. That is how life is, I guess. God takes some of us but always gives back. I hope that your daughter will help you fill a little of the void. It is great that you are taking care of her and yourself. Don't forget to have some fun too. May also God give your gran eternal happiness! :)

Thank you for the replies, I just don’t know what’s normal or not, people say the worring starts when they are here but I think it starts when you get that positive result.

I’ve just got everything crossed that my princess will be ok. She’s my rainbow baby to so extra nervous too.

But thank you for your comments you’ve made me slightly more relaxed!!

That doesn't sound unusual for 21 weeks, but I understand why you feel a bit anxious. My midwife said that it's fine for the baby's movements to be irregular at that stage but from week 28 it might be a cause for concern. As someone above said some people don't even feel anything until week 24+.

Have a cold glass of water and lie on your left side for a while. Or try eating something.

I'm having the opposite - my baby is at the stage where s/he is kicking and moving so much I was worried. Seems to have calmed down now - maybe my dinner was just too good :)

Good luck with everything!

It's normal hun. I first felt our boy at 18+4. Then more regularly by 22 weeks but some days I wouldn't feel him at all. At 24 weeks I went MAU because I hadn't felt him for 2 days but he was fine 😁! I'm now 28+5. Had an appointment with my midwife on monday just gone n she said baby doesn't get into a routine until around 28 weeks so they're never too concerned until then xx

Hi, if your movements change and become less you should go to the EPU as soon as possible as it might be a sign your baby is not well xx

Hello. I'm 20w3d and my movements too are very sporadic. I can go a couple of days without being aware of anything- like last weekend- and then feel him 5, 6 times in an evening as per last night. I'm not sure the little things are quite big/strong enough yet for us to feel all their wriggles and kicks :) x

It depends where your placenta is as well... if your placenta is anterior (forward) then it acts like a cushion so the movements might not be so noticeable at first.

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