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Desperate mommy to a 3month old

I have a 3 month old boy that constantly drinks and wants to be on the boob I know they have growth spurts but it's been like this since birth. I can hardly have a bath or eat a meal. He sleeps max 15 min at a time or he can go a full day with only one 15min nap then he gets overtired and crying . I have tried giving him a bottle with expressed milk but he fights it no matter who gives it to him. He weighed 6.8kg at 10 weeks. Can someone please give me some tips on sleeping and how to get him to leave the boob even just for 30min. My boobs hurt already from all the nursing all day. He sleeps through the night once his down.

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He's probably using your breasts as a comforter. He's unlikely to be feeding all day.

Things you could try are possibly a dummy if you're happy with that and if he'll accept it or trying to distract him, playing on a Matt putting him down, singing to him, taking him out in the buggy.


Have you been to a breastfeeding support clinic? They might be able to help you.

Maybe he’s in pain somewhere and the only thing that makes him feel better is boob? Would you consider taking him to a cranial osteopath? I took both of mine, it was worth every penny.

Do you have a sling? Can you get to a sling library or local sling consultant? The fourth trimester has been a transition from womb to real world, from constant food supply to having to ask for it by crying, from being snug and warm and tightly fitting inside Mummy to a huge world with endless space and it’s pretty scary. I’m a Babywearing peer supporter, wearing baby in a sling has lots of advantages.

Good luck, let us know how you get on. X


My sling definitely saved my sanity when my son was a baby. He used me to soothe himself a lot and wouldn't go down to sleep. I could calm him with the sling and he would be happy so I could get on with things. I also agree with roxannacar that your baby is most likely soothing themselves!!


Completely agree with both pervious posts. My 6 month has milk and gluten allergies. Before we realised she had allergies she would eat constantly - it was the only thing that would stop her crying. My daughter is bottle feed and also drinks an insane amount of water - easily 10 - 15 oz a day.

In Isabelle’s case she was in pain and looking for comfort. Something to think about.

Good luck. Constant feeding is not normal and you realise that, follow you gut.


Both my boys were like this. My eldest started to settle during the day when he was on food (although would still nurse 5/6+ times a night). We found he slept better on his front, in a sling and sat upright in a chair (not ideal but I was desperate). My youngest (he’s 5 months) would Just cry constantly and would never settle (despite being fed). I even tried combi feeding, giving him a bottle of ready made formula at night. I took him to the doctors as I felt like I was failing and it turned out he had silent reflux. He’s now on gaviscon and he’s so much happier. I’m not saying it is that but I would definitely recommend going to a doctors, even Just to double check everything. It’s hard but it does get easier. Hugs.

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I would suggest he might have reflux my little one wanted to feed all day on bottle, she didn't throw up much turned out it was silent reflux might be worth a try with some baby habits on


Baby gaviscon sorry


Hi Bianca,

I had a similar but less pressing problem than yours... However, the baby's weight seems to be good.... I agree with the earlier post, there are some breast feeding support clinics in the red book and should give it a try.

My baby sleeps well when she's in the car or on a travel system, the one with Carry cot. Then you could leave the baby in the carry cot and may be he's alright.

With our one, playing with the baby and massaging her helped a lot.

As a father and a husband, I will also ask to keep yourself hydrated and fed.


Bianca poor you, you must be exhausted hope you find a solution soon x


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