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Help needed

Hello I hope you can help I need some advise.

I’m 33 and have a 14 yr old I didn’t no I was pregnant until 4 days before I had her so this is all new to me, I had period 1 Nov and a little spotting in Dec not enough to have to wear a pad, now I’m feeling sick and headaches my boobs feel and look bigger (bras don’t fit) nipples are darker, lost my appitite and when I do eat or drink have no taste, and now I have been having been having some weird aching stretching sensation in my belly. I’m gona try get in the Doctors tomow. I have done 3 tests 2 were negative and 1 not so sure think it was a really faint line I don’t no. Any advise greatful thank you

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Digital test... use first morning wee which is more concentrated


Sounds like you are pregnant to me but obviously need to get bloods done if you can’t seem to get a result or know what’s going on.

I hope you get some hours x


Wait until your period due date and do a test.


I am 43 days late last period was 1 Nov


I would go and get your bloods done hun as sometimes your hcg level might not be high enough for the pregnancy tests! Hope you find out soon x


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