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Coping with work and early pregnancy


Hi all.

I'm sorry in advance for the long post. This is my first post but I've found this forum really useful so far. I'm about 6 weeks pregnant and really struggling with nausea, dizziness and tiredness. I'm also suffering with anxiety; about a week ago I had sharp stabbing pains in my cervix so was referred for an ultrasound scan. At the scan they thought I was about 5 weeks pregnant, although I had thought I was about 6, so all they could see was an egg sack and yolk. I'm going back for another scan this Monday but am fearing a missed miscarriage. I know it is just a waiting game, and that hopefully I'll know more on Monday, but I've found the pregnancy quite stressful so far.

So far this year I've only been into the office once and that was only for a couple of hours. I've taken a mixture of annual leave, sick leave and tried to work from home but I'm feeling increasingly ill from the pregnancy and also noticing my anxiety increasing, probably made worse by the fact I know my work is stacking up! I have a long commute, around 1-1.5hrs drive one way, so unfortunately I can't really just go in for a few hours. My manager knows I'm pregnant but isn't overly sympathetic, despite having kids herself. I'm 34 and love my job usually, I've worked hard to build a career but feel like I have a different focus now and that should be the little foetus I'm growing.

How are you all coping/how did you cope with work during pregnancy, particularly the early stages? Any tips and advice would be much appreciated. I've tried all the usual stuff for the nausea, ginger, sickness bands, etc. Thanks in advance and sorry again for the long post.

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Bless you hun. Please excuse my long reply!

I've had 2 miscarriages. Both times I didn't tell the people I was working with (minus my seniors) until we'd lost, even though we get on well, I just didn't wanna jinx it.

Since losing 2 babies within the space of 4 months, I've been battling anxiety and depression and although I've had counselling, I am still taking medication.

I work as a carer on an elderly ward so when I became pregnant this time round, at 4 weeks pregnant, I told my manager then told everyone I worked with. Purely because I didn't want to do any heavy manual handling, go near aggressive patients and was cautious of certain infections that were on the ward. I found it easier to cope as my manager has been brilliant and the staff I work with have been just as good, if not better.

Like yourself, I was referred for a scan which at the time I thought I would of been 6 weeks. We went for the scan where she said I was more like 5 weeks and could only see the sac and yolk so I was concerned.

Went back for a 7 week scan and saw our little grain of rice with a good heartbeat. I'm now 27+6 weeks pregnant with our rainbow boy!

If you're struggling with anxiety then I'd go to your doctors hun and see what they suggest as stress isnt good for you or your baby. Some people have suggested trying rich tea biscuits for nausea and making sure you eat little and often even when you feel sick.

Coping with period pain in early stages were bad for me. So I used to try and relax and breathe through them and said to myself if they go away in a few minutes then everything will be fine. They always went away and our boy is perfect 😁!

Wishing you all the best! Xx

hmarkson in reply to Major2116

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. My GP has given me some details for pregnancy mental health support so am going to self-refer to them for the anxiety. I'm just keeping everything crossed that the scan will go ok on Monday. Did you find you had to take any time off work during early pregnancy? I just feel so ill but also feel like I'm making a big deal out of nothing, I'm pregnant not ill and women have been doing this for centuries and just got on with it.

Major2116 in reply to hmarkson

That's a good idea hun. Just try to relax. I had to think if it's gonna happen then it will. Me worrying won't stop that, as harsh as that sounds.

I did because I was so obsessed with worrying about our baby that when I had pain I took time off as I was convinced I was over doing it. I did have to go A&E with pain in my side at one point so I had time off for rest. I had time off at 20 weeks too as I fainted at work and got sent home to rest.

I've been diagnosed with SPD and have been off work for 2 weeks so far because the pain in my hips is horrendous that it affects my walking. I also think I'm pregnant and not ill but right now my health and my son's is more important.

If you're struggling hun then yes you're pregnant and it's not an illness but if you're ill through it, there's no point in going work n spending it with your head down the toilet xx

Hey I’m 6 weeks too and I have constant nausea, just without the vomiting. I’m really struggling with day to day activities and can’t even bring myself to go to work which is terrible as I’ve only just started a new job in the last two weeks.

I haven’t told my manager yet as this wasn’t planned and I was so eager to start my new job.

I’ve tried having ginger, eating little and often and ice cubes. I even bought some acupressure bands for my wrists which do not seem to be helping.

In the past 4 days I’ve provably eaten less than 400 calories a day and I’m so weak, but my GP says they’re reluctant to prescribe any antiemetics yet!

If anyone has any advice I’d also really appreciate it. This is my first pregnancy and I had no idea morning sickness can start this early and be so severe 🤢


The first bit sucks but It does get easier! I had a 4 month old who still woke for night feeds at the beginning of this second pregnancy and I thought I was going to keel over from either exhaustion or sickness. I’m 33 weeks now and i still feel way better than I did those first 12 weeks. Helps I now have a 11 month old who sleeps through!

I lost 2 1/2 stone through nausea during my first pregnancy. I found the only thing that helped was eating little and often. There are prescriptions available for this if the sickness gets really bad. Just book in to see your gp.

It’s perfectly normal to worry, pregnancy can be bloody stressful at times so don’t beat yourself up about feeling anxious lovely. It sounds like you’re already doing everything you can to look after you both. Hopefully the scan on Monday puts your mind at ease!

Good luck! X

Sorry to hear you're feeling so rubbish.. I can completely sympathise as I too had severe nausea that started from week 5 and eased up around week 9.. Im now 11 weeks and thankfully the nausea has gone!

I was very emotional at the start as I didnt feel like I could cope for another week feeling so bad nevermind weeks! I had also just had two weeks holiday and the nausea hit on my 1st day back to work (typical!). I went in for the first day and then worked from home the rest of the week with a stomach virus - similar symptoms. In the end I had to go to my GP and they gave me some anti-sickness pills as I couldnt even get out of bed. I took them for 2 weeks and they worked a dream, I managed to go back to work and stopped taking them after 2 weeks.

Eating some belvita biscuits before I got out of bed in the morning seemed to really help.

I also had an early scan and they dated me a week early, it sounds quite common so try not to worry.

Growing a little human is the biggest job you will ever do and yes women have been doing it for centuries but every pregnancy is completely different and you have to do whats best for you.

Dont be too hard on yourself, you're doing great!

Wishing you all the best for your scan on Monday xx

Pregnant to gets easier after 12 weeks thank god! Maybe once you’ve had this scan you will finally be able to relax and your anxiety levels will decrease. On a more practical note, make sure you are in work reguardless of feeling poorly for the period maternity leave it calculated to ensure you get your full entitlement, you don’t want to have to worry about that after the baby is born too. But as far as sickness and tiredness I’ve never believed that there’s something to overcome it, just keep hydrated, eat little and often and Just battle through, the period of feeling sick, tired and low doesn’t last long, it just seems to be all consuming at the time. With such a long commute to work could they amend your working hours? So that if your sickness is worse first thing you could go in a little later and finish a little later?

I work as an assistant manager in a pub and worked up to my due date so I was on my feet for 10hrs a day all the way though, I was often belittled for sitting down and saying I was tired etc... then magically when my boss had a baby she could all of a sudden relate to how I felt, well after the event!

Good luck with everything, this feeling won’t last forever. Xx

I had an early scan and they also dated me a week behind. They could only see the sacs and I had to go back 10 days later (that wait was the worst). When I went back within seconds of the doctor looking she said, "We have a heartbeat" (biggest relief ever). My dauggter is now 2 months old. So what was seen at your early scan sounds the norm to me for how far along you are. The week behind date was amended at the 12 week scan.

I was very lucky in that I didn't have bad sickness but was so anxious. I constantly wanted to be off work. I did take a few days here and there because of cramping which scared me and my thoughts were to put my baby first. But after symptoms started settling I found it better to be at work so that my mind was distracted...I didn't have to put up with a huge commute though so may have stayed off more if it was more like yours. Just do what you think is best and don't feel guilty. Your mental wellbeing is important too!

Good luck for Monday, I'm sure it will be just fine.

Aw bless you. It can be so stressful to balance work and pregnancy symptoms, I'm now 12+5 weeks and I had the usual physicals symptoms, queasiness being the worst and only being settled by eating ginger oat cakes every hour!), they all started to wear off at 10/11 weeks. The bit I really struggled with was the mental side, I have never felt so anxious and unsettled in my life. It seemed like an eternity waiting for the 12 week scan and I cried most days whilst taking it all out on my poor husband. I found work to be a good distraction from the anxiety but you should really focus on looking after yourself until you feel strong enough to go back full time. I really hope you get good news on Monday.

Hi all. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post, all your comments were very reassuring. Just to let you know that I went for my re-scan on Monday and there was a heartbeat :-) I was so relieved I absolutely balled my eyes out! Since then my anxiety has definitely dropped, I'm still super worried about everything but not to the point where I'm not enjoying being pregnant. If I do carry this baby to full term I don't want to look back at my pregnancy and for it to all be negative, you only get to have a first pregnancy once and I so want to enjoy it. I also went into the office on Tuesday and managed to almost work a full day, my manager agreed for me to go in a bit later. Im still feeling very nauseous most of the time, made worse by tiredness, so am going to take it easy and take one day at a time. My next appointment is with the midwife at the end of Jan so fingers crossed everything stays good x

Can i book my midwife as im going through the 8 weeks but first midwife is nxt thurs...i feel i need 'me' time and sick leave but am i best to go to midwife or doc?

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