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How to deal with fear and worry ?? 7 weeks pregnant

Ladies ,

Can some one advice me ?? I am 7 weeks pregnant naturally by god grace after 6 months of trying and I am so grateful to god forever . But the fear is really killing me , I went private scanning for 7th week and all went well . But I was scared like anything , so shaky in the scanning room , very very tensed before days and that went well . That sonograper was so sweet and she told congrats with in few seconds as she knew how scared I was .. Now I am started to worry for 12 th week scan and to pass every single day looks like milestone. Is this common?? Am I worrying too much ?? Should I just leave like that ?? I can’t concentrate on my work and I have lot of work to do and I didn’t tell my work place yet . It’s 2 am now and I can’t sleep , I am alone here in UK and everything is stressing me out. Will the whole pregnancy be like this ?? Will I get used to this ?? I am just not enjoying my pregnancy but all I do is worry , worry , worry , worry ,, I hate it .

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I was a real worrier too once I conceived through IVF. My advice would be to keep a journal. I found that by writing down any of my worries I could sort of move on from them, so I was less anxious. It really helped and I have so far had a very positive pregnancy experience. Why don't you try that?

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It's perfectly natural...I worried from the day I found out at 6 weeks to yesterday when I saw my baby jumping around on the screen at my 12 week scan. Just keep doing everything you can and stay as calm as possible - everything you are feeling is totally normal and probably, like me, heightened by hormones.

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Hi luv2017. Oh my poor darling! It is scary going through pregnancy for the first time. Hopefully you will have a midwife now, so speak to her, so she can reassure you. I couldn’t tell you how many ladies I delivered, who had been scared all through their pregnancies, and they turned out fine. Thinking of you. Diane


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