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Mummy and daddy's bed

Hi ladies,

My little girl, nearly 7 months, doesn't feed anymore during the nights (yuppy yeaaah lol), but she'll keep waking up and she wants the dummy or she won't stop crying until I move her from her cot to our bed. Same for her nap time. I wouldn't mind but although she's only a baby, she takes half bed for herself and me and my fiancé (who's 6'5") need to sleep in a small space and I can't move otherwise she'll wake up.. my shoulder is killing me 😥

Any advice? Any similar situation?

Thanks for your help!

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Sounds like she developed sleep associations. Maybe you need to start sleep training few different methods on books and websites.

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hi hun, aw that's great news your little girl has stopped feeding in the night!!! My little boy is still feeding during the night (he's almost 7 months, on 16th Jan) but we did have an issue where he would settle in our bed, but i think that was due to us feeding him in our bed for comfort for us as no space in his bedroom for a chair, but we started to put him in his cot for daytime naps only took a couple of days and he's used to his cot now and will sleep in there for most of the night, well until he's due another feed. good luck and hope this helps :)


Thank you both!

I hope there are more ways than let her cry out because I don't have the heart to let her cry until she settles :/

Oh I hope your little one will feel full up soon haha she went from waking up every 3 hours to only one feed and one night surprisely sge took the pacifier and went back to sleep. She loves solid so I think that helped as well.

I try to put her for naps in the cot as well, not always goes well. Plus we want to move her room soon.

Ps : my daughter is only 2 days older than your little one 😊


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