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When will I feel my baby move?


Hello everyone I am almost 19 weeks pregnant and have felt some flutters in my belly but am sure it is wind! Sometimes it flutters and I do have a pop off (sorry tmi haha) but the next minute it will do the same and I don’t need to pop off? So it’s really hard to tell! This is my first baby and because I am so petite Everyone has said “oh you will feel your baby early on as your so tiny!” xxx

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Those flutters are probably movements. I felt the same and looking back they were definitely baby movements. I first felt mine and knew for definite at 20 weeks but it wasn’t very regular at all. I probably felt more around 25-28 weeks xx

Thankyou! Just worried because I usually feel it when I lay down for bed but the lash couple of nights I’ve not really felt anything and just worrying! x

I would go a few days without feeling anything and would panic but I think that’s quite normal. I was probably about 25 weeks when I felt something everyday. I also have a placenta at the front which cushions movements xx

Well I went for a private scan to find out the sex a couple of weeks ago and I’m sure she mentioned that to me too! So I’m going for the 20 week hospital scan on the 18th this month so I will definitely be asking as if I also have that I think it may reassure me! xx

It should say in your hospital notes and probably the one from the private scan mine did when I went but they will definitely tell you at 20 weeks. Your almost halfway there now! Exciting! Xx

I don’t know how I’m going to cope with this worrying haha!! He’s making me panic before he’s even born! x

I know what you mean! I’ve been worrying non stop about movements it drives me nuts. I can’t wait for her to be born but then I know I’ll be worrying non stop about when she goes to bed xx

I’ve just started feeling little flutters in my stomach!! (No wind!) am so relived!!!!!! x

That is so typical lol xx

Always aha!! xx

Those flutters are most probably your baby moving! And if you're not sure, just wait it out and soon enough you'll have some definite feelings!

Ignore other people when they say you should feel it. They're not doctors and every baby/pregnancy is different.

I was 18 wks and 6 days when I felt the first definite kicks. It was lovely because hubby had been away for a few days and the baby decided to start moving upon its daddy's return! What a lovely homecoming!

Congratulations on your first baby! I am Also expecting my first one.

I used to have the same feeling as you, and never understood if it was the baby or not. I am 24 weeks now and I definitely now when it’s the baby. My baby moves in the morning, most times after meals and in the evenings when I’m watching something. I am also petite and my bump only started showing from 22 weeks while all my friends had a big bump. Everyone is different and I accepted that

You will soon learn when is the baby or not

This is my first pregnancy. I started to feel regular movements- although weak in the beginning - during 18 weeks. Having said that, My body fat was on the low side before pregnancy and I have lost so much weight in the beginning due to sickness, which I think made baby movements easier to feel. If you are not as poorly thin as I was, then I think it is normal to feel movements later than I did.

Midwife said that baby movements can be compare to butterfly but for me it is like bubbles. It's an amazing feeling. I am 22 weeks pregnant, first time I felt my baby in Boxing Day so two weeks ago and it was so strong that even my husband could feel it! Very funny for me is the fact that first time I felt my baby boy in cinema watching Star Wars ;) I hope he will not be a fan ;)

My girl jigs along to the Star Wars theme. I was playing some classical theme tunes and that’s the only one she moved to! My dad loves Star Wars so he’s well chuffed

Do you just feel movements below tor belly button? x

I did to start with and near my hip but now it’s all over x

Above your belly button at all? Because I feel something up there sometimes but am sure that's wind! x

I do now but not sure about at 19 weeks I think the baby might be lower at that stage but I can’t remember x

Thank you that's what I was thinking! That part is defiantly wind then 😂

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