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Need some advice please.

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Hello I'm not used to asking for advice and was someone could help out. Basically I took a pregnancy test on the 19th of December 17 which came out positive it was a cheap brand waited till the 18th to take the second one witch also came out positive. Over the Christmas weekend I bought two packs of clear blue pregnancy tests which they all came out positive. Seen my GP told her about the tests and she told me that I was about 6 weeks I've had light bleeding since last Friday been to the hospital (A&E) they done bloods and told me that I'm not pregnant as my HCG levels are low. Please could someone give advice I'm meant to have a scan in the morning and very worried that nothing will show up. Sorry if I bothered you.

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Sorry to hear that!

I’m going through a similar phase at the moment... I’m confirmed pregnant but not sure what’s going on, most likely ectopic :-(

Did they tell you what your mUI/ml levels were, these are the ones from the blood test. If these are below 10, they told me a few days ago, it’d mean you are not (or no longer), pregnant.

If they are below that then there really is no hope, sadly. As at 6 weeks your levels would be at least around 1000.

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Hello, sorry to hear fingers crossed all is well for you Hun. I wasn't told the levels were should find out sometime today

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Currently waiting for surgery to have the Fallopian tube and ectopic pregnancy removed...

Hope things are looking better at your end!

Sometime there are false positive, but it seems quite odd that all these testswere faulty or they showed false positive. Maybe they should run bloods once more..

Anyway, good luck with the scan. Let us know!

My period are 11days late and today negative urine and ultrasound test

Is that possible

Pls help me guys I m so confused as well as worried


You might not be as far as you think in your pregnancy. Since you are having a scan today, they might be able to see. Please don't be alarmed if they cannot see the heartbeat. In early pregnancy it's very common. Wishing you all the best


thanks for the replies, I told the nurse at the hospital what has been going on over the past few weeks and I've had to do another urin sample which was tested and came out negative also had another lot of bloods taken and getting my results later today. She cancelled the scan so I won't know for definite what's going on.

It sounds to me as if you've had a miscarriage. So sorry x

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