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Baby clothes for hospital bag

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Hello ladies, I am 33 week today and started packing my hospital bag. The NHS checklist asks me to pack several bodysuits for the baby. I am wondering what is their use, as I have already packed many sleepsuits. Do bodysuits go under sleepsuits? (they also look difficult to put on the baby as compared to sleepsuits) Sorry if the question sounds dumb :)

Also should I buy a winter jacket for the baby (due in Feb)? I am just concerned that with all the clothing and blanket, the baby might get a bit too warm for the journey from hospital to home.

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I was told the baby needs an extra layer than what adults wear. They apparently wear a body suit under a sleep suit which I never knew as never noticed that on any cousins I’ve got etc. My baby is due is in feb too and we have bought a pram suit for going home and will use blankets as well xx

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Thanks a lot, I think its best if I buy both then xx

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Yeah even if you don’t use them at the hospital it will be useful for home to give a bit of freedom after a nappy change or something x

Yeah so bodysuit with short sleeves under then sleep suit on top. Hat and mittens only first 24 hours whilst in doors, after that hats not suggested. Also blanket worth having innhospital if you want to cover baby whilst in hospital too. You can use a snow suit, I didn't for my little ones (Dec & oct) but you will still need to buy one as Feb cold and worth using in car and pram.

Babies hands and hand shouldn't be on the cold side, whereas body needs to be warm so when I check if they're cosy check their chest... the good thing about having two layers also is when the nappy leaves there's more clothes to absorb!!

They midwives in hospital/home had a little spiel about this as well has the health visitor. You'll be fine!!

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Thanks roxannacar :)

Congratulations on you little one! As regarding the hospital bag I would say the bodysuits are for while you are inside the hospital... it's warm inside, the baby doesn't really needs sleepsuits until leaving the hospital.. take with you a blanket for when s/he is on the cot... don't forget cotton or wipes and nappies... hope you have a good hour!

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Thanks Munyze :)

My son was born in a July heatwave but still had a vest (bodysuit) and a sleepsuit for the journey home. He also wore a hat! No blanket. At home it was vests only. My daughter was born in September and wore the same plus a cardigan and blanket! Layers are good as thick coats shouldn't be worn in the car.

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Thanks KellyTrip :)

My little born was born in February and we had bought a snow suit/ pram suit for coming home however they recommend that you don't use thick suits or coats when they are in car seats as they aren't properly fitted into it in case of an accident. I put a vest/body suit, babygro/ sleepsuit, and then a woollen cardigan on him with hat and mitts covered by a blanket. Just keep in mind that the baby's hand and feet may be cold for a few days after their born as the circulation isn't great so mitts not only help keep them warm but also stop them scratching their little faces. My son's 2 in 4 weeks and unless it's summer I still put vests/ bodysuits on him as I personally think it's better for them to have the extra layer. Good luck on your new arrival and remember to get as much sleep as you can as your going to need it in the first few months.

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Thanks Ellie86g. I am trying to get all the sleep, but usually wake up around 4am, then unable to sleep for a couple of hours :(

I think my body is getting geared up for oncoming sleepless nights lol

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Yeah I used to wake around 4 too luckily I usually managed to go back over though I think it was his early morning wriggling that woke me as my fiance would complain about getting kicked in the back 😂

Hi I must mention that although some ladies have suggested a snow suit in the car this is actually not safe. I went to a baby safety course and we were told that it is really important to remove the snow suit once in the carseat. This is for 2 reasons. One the baby can overheat. And secondly it makes the tension on the carseat straps not safe as it creates an extra layer that you cannot get the car seat tight enough or correct. Stats say that this has caused infant deaths so keep the suit for a trip out on a cold day or to get to the car if a long way but other wise it should be removed once in the car an put back on once out of car seat if needed. Lots of luck, I am due in March its so exciting isn't it! :) xxx

Thanks for the tip. Yeah it is very exciting, I can't wait to meet my little bundle of joy!

Dont forget to also pack ALL sizes of baby clothes too as I bought all sizes in vests,babygrows ect but ended up sending my husband the next mornings ng before visiting hours for even smaller size they were all too big lol had to get tiny baby instead

Do you really need all sizes?? If you're full term I'd stick to newborn size. However good not to buy too many as my second daughter outgrew newborn size in a week!

You sound just like me! I'm a few weeks behind you and I've been thinking about my hospital bag. The baby needs vests/body suits as well as baby grows/sleep suits. February is still really cold so I've got sleeved ones.

My friend (who has 5 children) says she took 2 full outfits, a cardigan and a blanket and that was always enough for her. She's had her kids in various seasons.

You could get an outer coat or I'm planning on a cardigan, hat, booties and blanket.

Thank you all for the advice, finally my bag is all packed :)

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Hey Ana did you pre-wash all the baby clothes? I'm not sure if I need to do this as one friend said you should and another said she didn't bother. I think my gut is to give them a light wash... you dunno what warehouse they've been in! What do you think?

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Hiya, yeah I washed them with non-bio detergent. I too felt exactly same, don't feel like putting them directly on the baby without a wash.

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I will be washing everything too next week so that I can begin to pack a bag.

At my 1st ante natal class, the midwife suggested to take bottled water and a lip balm. The rooms are pretty warm.

Thanks for the advice ladies, I will get a bag packed soon. I’ve been putting it off!

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