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29yr old Female with Aspergers Syndrome querying Endometriosis?

Ive had painful periods since they began when I was 11 years old,, I've had symptoms of pain before during and just after my periods, once I got into a long term sexual relationship I had pain during and after intercourse and going pee after hurt me. It took me 8yrs of TTC and failing that just when I was going down the IVF route I fell naturally. Since then I've been to see my GP following some pain I had following the birth of my boy (occurred 10mths after the birth) I had a reasonably easy pregnancy despite being stitched where I tore, I explained the symptoms to my Dr who suspected I might have Endometriosis so she referred me for ultrasound scans, the external one didn't show anything but the internal one revealed I had adhesions to my left ovary and that it was stuck to the wall. I'm now under gynecologist review and been told to try contraceptives to medically induce a menopause state to my body to see if this helps pain management. I'm also overweight and currently doing slimming world but been told to give this up, is there any advice I can follow until an actual diagnosis is confirmed

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Why were you told to give up slimming world and by who? Being obese is never a good thing and loosing weight might not sort out endometriosis but it will help with loads of other things. It might be harder to loose weight tho due to hormones different with medication.

There's not really much advice about what else you can do but have a read nhs.uk/conditions/Endometri... also if you're not sure about your options discuss it with your gynaecologist


It's the gynecologist who wants to suspend my ovulation briefly.

My mum wants me to stop slimming world (she doesn't get on with my family members and my cousin runs the group I attend)

I've lost 1st 8lb since April last year, I did get my 2st award but since then have only managed to maintain my club 10 award which is 10% of my body weight lost

Gynecologist has said I have the options of the following;


Combined pill


Depo shot

Zolodex with HRT


Well surely you can decide re slimming rather than your mum? Maybe attend a different group if it's something you want to do...

as for endometriosis treatment have you asked what are the pros and cons of different treatments? Personally I would start with the least invasive options but really it's for you to discuss and come to a agreement with your consultant.


I'm thinking of going back to my gp and seeing what she says, because of the autism I would need things explained thoroughly anyway so my mum has said she would come with me to assist me with the choice.

I used to be on implant, depo and cerazette before but had rapid weight gain with all of them so I'm not sure.

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Sounds like a good idea to have your mum support you although remember the decision is ultimate yours!


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