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Morning sickness (nausea)


Hi there,

My wife is in her 9th week of pregnancy and is really suffering with morning sickness (minus the vomiting) as well as extreme tiredness.

I know that the nausea is very common and happens to most mums to be. My question is should she be seeking help from the doctor/midwife. Bearing in mind she isn’t actually vomiting.

I’ve made a lot of suggestions of things that lighten lessen the symptoms, from reading various articles but she doesn’t seem very receptive to most.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

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Congratulations on your wife’s pregnancy! Nausea can be pretty horrendous. I suffered badly from nausea with both my pregnancies without vomiting. I did see the GP, who prescribed some meds that are safe to take but they didn’t really help. In the end, I tried eating little and often and also sniffing a sliced lemon. It sounds strange but i literally sat all day with a lemon close to my nose (thankfully i work from home)! And that helped a lot. I’d read about it somewhere. It can be anything with a scent that your wife can stand. Doesn’t have to be lemons. It might be worth a try. Some people swear by anti sickness bands too. Hopefully the nausea will subside soon.

bd123 in reply to bd123

I also found eating something before getting out of bed helped in the morning. So I had an apple by my bedside each morning in my second pregnancy. In my first pregnancy I woke up at night when it was so bad to nibble before going back to sleep.

Would your wife be receptive to see gp? There are meds that can be used... didn't help my nausea but lucky passed after first trimester. Ideally should try other option first though ... not getting hungry as can make nausea worse, little and often, high carb food ginger etc... it's trial and error really

Jessie25 in reply to roxannacar

Hi did you experience bad pains in lower stomach at 9 weeks when i walk it gets baf

Hi i am nine weeks pregent bad belly pain in lower stomach 5 days

My husband was quite funny with my nausea. I tended to find that if I got hungry then my nausea would come back so if I was at home he would ensure that I had something to eat everything couple of hours or so (mainly biscuits or a piece of fruit). It really helped, particularly as I didnt always feel like eating main meals. The nausea does pass, but it’s just working out what will help ease it for your wife.

Firstly congratulations!! Im so sorry to hear your wife has such bad nausea.

I too suffered really badly from 5 weeks to 10 weeks, including catching two colds which tipped me over the edge! I suffered mainly with nausea and was only sick a handful of times - although I felt better when I was sick, the nausea was constant and all day. In the end I couldnt go to work and had a week off with a “stomach bug” so I took myself to the GP and she prescribed me with Cyclizine which is an anti-sickness tablet and I also bought some anti sickness pressure bands. After just a day the nausea was better and by the following week I went back to work. They dont work for everyone but I found they really helped me. Im now 11 weeks and not taking the tablets anymore, after a couple of weeks I only took them when I really needed them. I still have nausea but its manageable now.

From my experience eating a pack of belvita biscuits in bed before getting up in the morning along with a glass of milk really helped me. Im struggling to drink water now and milk/orange juice has been a life saver.

Eating small and often - You dont want to eat when you feel so sick but I found after 30 minutes I felt a little better. Your belly is full of acid so eating something can help settle it a little. I also cant eat anything I ate before so try to get your wife to think of things she fancies even if they are strange choices!

Tiredness is a killer and I too between 5-10 weeks would sleep whenever I could. That is normal and will pass however making sure youre eating and drinking will help energy a little.

Everyone told me it would get better and at the time I was very emotional and couldnt imagine feeling that ill for another week nevermind a month/months however at 11 weeks I can say the tablets and wristbands were a life saver, im not completely clear yet but nearly.

I hope your wife starts to feel better soon, let us know how she gets on 😊

She should try morning sickness bands they work for me. Boots sell 2 in a pack for around £8 and I will not take mine off unless I have to they really help. Also I find I have to eat something every 3 hours or the nausea gets worse.

KellyTrip in reply to Hopful85

I bought bands from amazon for about 4 pounds and they definitely took the edge off!

Lots of water and Powerade helped thru my first 12 weeks I couldn't get out of bed from being so nauseated but I threw up... I'm 24wks and still have the morning sickness it's rough sometimes

I found that keeping snacks by the bed helped as I was less sick if I had eaten a little snack as soon as i woke. I even snacked in the middle of the night. My husband would wake up asking what I was doing when I was crunching on nuts at 3am! Ginger is good and can help ease the feeling. Other than that just try and get her to rest as much as she can. The feeling should pass by around 12 to 14 weeks.

HI all, Congratulations!

Im 9 weeks and have been feeling ok but then get hit with a bout of nausea that knocks me for six. Water seems to make me throw up, we've just come back form a small trip and I threw up on the plane in an Accessorize bag ( fyi good bag choice for impromptu chunders :) ) my only savour is Apple juice/ Appletize and eating a bit every so often, although I don't fancy anything, it does take the edge off. My best friend has HG and is totally bedbound so Im thanking my lucky stars. I hope your wife feels better soon

Thank you to everyone for your helpful comments.

She’s still suffering but seems to be managing it a lot better with various little tricks. Mainly doing as little as possible (outside of work) and eating digestive biscuits before getting up in the morning.

Thanks again.

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